Kabul bomber was held in Delhi 5 years ago, claims IS magazine

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Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) has claimed in the 20th issue of its propaganda magazine, Voice of Hind, that the Afghan suicide bomber who carried out the Kabul airport blast that killed around 170 people, including 13 US Marines, in August, was caught in Delhi five years ago.

This development has left the Indian intelligence agencies alarmed as an operation had indeed taken place around 2016 in which an Afghan suicide bomber, who was posing as a student, was tracked down to a college on the Delhi-Haryana border.

The suspect, who was assembling IEDs for carrying out what could have been the first suicide bombing by IS in the country, was flown back to Afghanistan after being captured in a covert operation. The coalition forces had then undertaken an operation against IS, based on information they got from his interrogation.

A subsequent offensive had resulted in a massive blow to ISKP with over 500 terrorists being taken out in the bombings that followed. The suspect, codenamed Ham, was later locked up in an Afghan prison. Initial information with an agency suggests that he may have been freed during a jailbreak orchestrated by IS early August and then used to carry out the airport bombing during the exit of the US forces from the country.

After the airport bombing, the fidayeen was identified by the IS mouthpiece, Amaq, as Abdul Rehman Al Logari. The Indian agencies are particularly worried over the claim by the IS magazine that the other prisoners who escaped along with Logari are “waiting for an opportunity”.

In the article, the magazine’s editor says about Logari: “The brother was arrested five years ago in India, when he had travelled to Delhi to carry out an istishhadi (martyr) operation… the brother was deported to Afghanistan, but he didn’t go home and carried out his operation.”

The article also criticises the Taliban, referring to them as murtad (disloyal to their religion), and calls Pakistan’s ISI Taliban’s masters. “On August 15, the coalition led by America left Kabul as the murtad Taliban took over. The days that followed and preceded this tactical withdrawal saw the murtad Taliban stoop to new lows by their own standards. From participating in the shameless gatherings of the Rafidah to patronising the crusaders, the murtadeen became more and more brazen,” the piece reads.

“Kabul airport saw thousands of Afghan bureaucrats trying to leave with their families, along with traitors and killers of Muslimeen. By the grace of Allah, a soldier of the Khilafah, Abdur Rahman Al Logari, carried out an istishhadi operation which resulted in the death of 250 people, including 13 crusading American Marines and over a dozen murtad Taliban fighters,” says the article.

“The brother was arrested five years ago in India, when he had travelled to Delhi to carry out an istishhadi operation on the cow-worshipping Hindus, in revenge for Kashmir. But Allah had decreed otherwise and the brother was tested with imprisonment and deported to Afghanistan. Staying true to his promise to Allah, the brother did not go home, rather he carried out his operation, his heart filled with tranquillity and pleasure (sic),” said the magazine.

The 2016 operation, intelligence sources said, was highly appreciated by the security establishment and details were shared with other security agencies.

Interestingly, the suspect was tracked down through human intelligence after an Indian agency was alerted about the possibility of a fidayeen attack in Delhi following analysis of certain communications and transactions abroad which had raised red flags. The sleuths had carried out covert surveillance in Lajpat Nagar and at least four educational institutions in Delhi and Haryana for close to a year before the “extremely motivated” suspect was identified.

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