Defiant Narasinghanand reacts to first arrest in Haridwar hate assembly with death threat to police

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As the police in Indian state of Uttarakhand made the first arrest in the Haridwar hate assembly case, where a call for genocide of Muslims was given, the notoriously anti-Muslim Hindu monk, Yati Narasinghanand Saraswati, held out death threat to the police.

“Tum sab maroge (All of you will die)”, he was seen in a viral video telling the police officers who came to arrest Jitendra Narayan Singh Tyagi, formerly Wasim Rizvi on January 13. Tyagi, a convert to Hinduism from Islam, is one of the accused in the case.

The video sparked an online campaign calling for his arrest under the hashtag #ArrestYatiNarasinghanand. Narasinghanand, a Hindutva hate monger, was one of the organisers of the hate assembly held in Haridwar in December where prominent Hindutva figures called for extermination of Muslims in India.

Reports said that police have also issued notices to other accused including Narasinghanand to appear before them.

The 45-second clip shows Narasinghanand seated in a police van while the officers in uniform pleading with to allow them to follow legal procedure as they have to take Tyagi into custody. Yati is seen asking the officer why they are arresting only Tyagi, and not him, while he too has been named in all the three cases.

The cops requested him to come out of the van and let them take Tyagi with them. To this, Narasinghanand says Tyagi converted to Hinduism counting on them for support.

He gives in after lot of cajoling by the police literally pleading with him to cooperate with them and come out of the van. While stepping out of the van, he hurls a parting shot at the policemen: “all of you will die, and your children…”

Narasinghanand, a priest at the Dasna Devi Temple in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, is habitual of making provocative remarks targeting religious minorities especially and women. Despite complaints, cases, and public protests, the police failed to take substantial action against him as he enjoys a free run. Not just that, the Yogi Government has provided him security after he allegedly faced threats.

On Thursday when the news of Tyagi’s arrest came out, activists on social media urged the police to arrest Narasinghanand and other priests too as they shared his provocative videos of previous instances.

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