Memories of humiliated defeat will remain fresh in Hindutva rulers’ minds

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Memories of humiliated defeat suffered by Indian Air Force at the hands of Pakistan Air Force will remain fresh in minds of the Hindutva rulers in India as even the incident completed four whole years, today, on 27 February 2023.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service on the occasion said that it was on 27 February 2019 when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi influenced by Hindutva ideology launched a cowardly attack in Balakot, a day ago. 24 hours had not passed when Pakistan Air Force made Modi to bite the dust through its ‘Operation Swift Retort’, the very next day on February 27, 2019.

‘Operation Swift Retort’ was launched as a befitting reply to the misadventure of fascist Modi regime whose air force violated Pakistan airspace on the night of 26 Feb 2019 and launched an attack in Balakot.

The myth of India’s conventional military superiority was decimated by the PAF when it shot down 2 IAF aircraft in a dogfight and caught an Indian pilot, Abhinandan, alive. Pakistan’s triumph in the brief air combat on 27 Feb 2019 will continue to haunt India.

The ‘Operation Swift Retort’ confused Indian Air Force so much so that its air defence system shot down own helicopter killing crew including pilot sending loud and clear message to India–”Don’t mess with Pakistan”.

The operation also foiled India’s plans to establish itself as a superior military force in the region, besides demonstrating PAF’s firm resolve, capacity and capability in thwarting India’s nefarious designs.

Four years ago, on 26th Feb 2019, Indian Air Force launched aerial strike near Balakot targeting a religious seminary that India described as a militant camp and claimed killing more than 300 terrorists. Pakistan and several international observers had negated the claim as there were no causalities and the bombs had clearly missed their targets. Moreover, Indian government failed to provide concrete proof of Balakot strikes.

Indian opposition especially Congress has also raised suspicions over Balakot surgical strikes claimed by BJP government. Rahul Gandhi and Navjot Singh Sidhu demanded validations and count of the dead in the strike

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Disclaimer: Memories of humiliated defeat will remain fresh in Hindutva rulers’ minds - Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not necessarily reflect point-of-view

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