Persecution of minorities has increased to alarming proportion in India under Modi

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Persecution of Muslims, Christians and low-caste Hindus in India has increased to an alarming proportion in India under fascist Narendra Modi as attacks against members of religious minorities have increased manifold since BJP came to power in 2014.

Violence, intimidation and harassment against minorities have become order of the day in India and communal Modi is shaping country’s policy according to Hindutva dictates, said a report released, today, by Kashmir Media Service.

It said the Indian minorities are living in a perpetual state of fear due to the discriminatory policies of Modi regime. “Muslims are the main target of Hindutva forces in India. Muslims, other minorities are being treated as second class citizens in Modi’s India. BJP and RSS are on a mission to purge India of its minorities,” it said.

The report citing experts deplored that the BJP government in New Delhi is relentlessly imposing Hindutva ideology of RSS on the minorities in India. It pointed out that Hindutva narrative is now a dangerously growing trend in India which projects itself as the largest so-called democracy of the world.

The global community must take cognizance of the plight of minorities in India, the report said, adding that international rights bodies must come forward to save religious minorities in India. KMS—7M

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