‘Modi regime’s policy of attaching Kashmiris’ properties sheer political vendetta’

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Following Israeli tactic, Modi’s Hindutva regime has started attaching properties of the Kashmiris in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) to put pressure on them to give up their legitimate struggle for internationally recognized right to self-determination.

In its latest drive to render the Kashmiris homeless in their own homeland, the Modi-led fascist Indian government has attached the houses of five more Kashmiris under draconian law Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) in Srinagar, said a report released, today, by Kashmir Media Service.

The report pointed out that Modi is following in the footsteps of Israel that has been, for decades, demolishing the houses of Palestinian people and snatching their ancestral lands to make way for Jewish settlements in the occupied territory. It said attaching properties of Kashmiris is sheer political vendetta on part of the Indian regime and is meant to bully them into withdrawing their support to the freedom movement.

The report said that besides attaching Kashmiris’ properties on one pretext or another, Indian troops are regularly destroying Kashmiris’ houses during violent military operations.

It maintained that destroying Kashmiris’ houses or attaching their properties by the Indian authorities was aimed at breaking their resolve to continue their struggle for freedom of Jammu and Kashmir from India’s illegal occupation.The Modi regime is planning not only to render the Kashmiris homeless but also to deprive them of their identity, it added.

The report deplored that India was using every brutal tactic to muzzle the freedom voice of the Kashmiris but its machinations would not deter the people of the occupied territory from pursuing the freedom cause. It said the world must wake up and take notice of the Modi regime’s brutal actions in IIOJK.

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