China’s Brutal war on Islam and Uighur Muslims

As it happened to Palestine and Kashmir, the world has ignored the plight of persecuted Uighur Muslims in China’s Xingjian region where the people started their struggle to win back their political, economic, religious and cultural rights ever since Red Army occupied the area in 1949.

China’s vast and strategically important Western Xingjian region, once called Eastern Turkistan, has been the homes for predominantly Uighur Muslims who once ruled the Silk Road cities and are ethnically Turkic speak a language akin to Turkish.

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Kashmiri Muslims Endless Suffering

What others said about latest uprising

By Latheef Farook

In the latest political uprising in Kashmir, eruptedfollowing the killing of 22 year old Hisbul Mujahideen Commander4 Burhan Wani on 8 July 2016, 48 people were killed and more than 3000 were injured.

According to New Delhi based NDTV the Indian armed forces shot at protestorsusing pelletguns aimed at faces blinding for life even children as young as five. Two weeks later Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh visited the state on 23 July 2016 with an appeal to armedforces to exercise maximum restraint.

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Burma: US envoy says Muslim minority has a right to call themselves ‘Rohingya’

burma muslimby Asian Correspondent Staff  :  

THE newly-appointed U.S. envoy to Burma (Myanmar) Scot Marciel yesterday insisted that the persecuted Muslim minority in the country had the right call themselves ‘Rohingya’, despite the administration’s call to avoid using the term. This was an apparent sign of the U.S. agreeing to disagree with the administration under de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi on what to call the oppressed community. “They get to choose what they want to be called,” he was quoted as saying in Coconuts Yangon.

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CHINA – Is The Chinese Government Cracking Down on Jewish Community in Kaifeng?

by  :  

The Jewish community in Kaifeng, China, is facing a government “crackdown,” according to Jewish activists. “It is time to break the silence,” said Anson Laytner, former president of the Sino-Judaic Institute, which has been working in China since the 1980s. “Their very survival as Jews is at stake.” Government police have shut down the only Jewish learning center in Kaifeng, helmed by the Israeli group Shavei Israel, said Laytner, who is not in China but receives regular reports from contacts there.

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Chinese President Praises ‘Unyielding Marxist Atheists’ as Christian Woman Bulldozed to Death

by Frances Martel  :  

The Chinese Communist Party held its first conference on religious freedom in fifteen years this weekend, in which President Xi Jinping demanded that “unyielding Marxist atheists” impose communism onto the nation’s religious groups. The meeting follows months of growing tensions between the communists in Beijing and blossoming Christian and Muslim underground communities.

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Radical Christian groups fan Islamophobia to influence policies in Korea

by Kang Hyun-kyung  :  

Inside the Christian community, a small number of radicals politicize issues to make their voices heard. These people have become radicalized since the 2007 hostage crisis in Afghanistan, which killed two Korean church volunteers and put the lives of 21 others at risk and ultimately tainted the reputation of the nation’s Protestant churches. Park Gwang-seo, president of the Korea Institute for Religious Freedom in Seoul, said that the radical Protestants have created and spread Islamophobia to influence policies.

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