Al-Sisi and the Gulf states: A strategic partnership or temporary interests?

sisi-gulfby Khalil Al-Anani

Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi Abdel Fatah Al-SisiThe recent leaked recording broadcasted by Mekameleen TV which shed light on Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi and his office manager Abbas Kamel’s views on the Gulf states and how they should be dealt with raises many questions regarding the future of the relationship between Egypt and the countries mentioned in the recording. The main question that stands out is the extent to which this relationship can be affected by what was said in the leak

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ANALYSIS: Will latest leaks rock the Sisi Gulf relationship?

Sisi and Salmanby Simona Sikimic

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi found himself in a tough spot on Monday, reportedly having to call his Gulf backers to clear the air after damning leaks appeared to reveal Sisi ridiculing his Gulf backers and saying that he “despised” them, despite their generous financial support. While it may be difficult to prove that the recordings – allegedly taken in 2013 when Sisi was still defence minister – are real, most analysts agree that recordings are credible enough to

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Syrian Elections: despite ‘gaining ground’, has Bashar Al-Assad effectively banned his own candidacy?

bashar-al-assad-2by Henriette Johansen   

The ten-day registration period for presidential candidates in Syria has come to an end. Bashar Al-Assad was the last of seven to register their candidacy at the Supreme Court for the country’s highest office. As the regime’s armed forces advance on the ground and UN regulations and advice is subdued, will the Syrian elections become the opportunity for

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Egyptian rights group: The army has committed crimes against humanity in Sinai

egyptian-soldier-at-rafah-crossing-in-armoured-vehiclefrom MIDDLE EAST MONITOR 

Egyptian soldeir at the Rafah CrossingThe Egyptian Observatory of Rights and Freedoms yesterday issued a report highlighting crimes against humanity committed by the Egyptian Army in the context of fighting “terrorist organisations” in the North Sinai governorate. According to the Observatory, the army is committing murders, arrests, torture and the

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Interpreting the Turkish Elections Surprise

InterpretingtheTurkish-Elections-Surpriseby Noha Khaled

Amid a series of investigations into government corruption that became known as the “December 17 incident,” the rift between Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) and its former ally the Gülen movement became intense and public more than ever. Erdogan is planning to close private educational centers — 25 percent of which are run by the

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