Democracy, Freedom and Human Rights not for Muslims

syrian refugeeThis is the century old unwritten message of US. Europe, Israel and their mercenary Arab dictators to Muslims

by Latheef Farook  :  

A century old message of US, Britain, France, Russia, Israel and the Saudi led oppressive Arab dictators was-democracy is not for Muslims and the Middle East and North Africa should be ruled by dictators who should obediently carry out their western masters’ agenda.

 For example North African Muslim country of Algeria, part of the Turkish Ottoman Empire from 16th-century, was conquered by the France in 1830.

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The Religion Of Oman — Ibadism

by Reema Singha  :  

While most of us have heard this word, we understand its meaning, correctly so, to be a sincere prayer (ibadat). And it is mostly in reference to Islam. What I discovered some while back is that Ibadism is also a sect in Islam which is also one of the oldest ones, having founded only about 20 years after Prophet Muhammad’s death. It strives to follow Islam exactly, rigidly exactly, the way Muhammad taught and lived it.

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The Medical Benefits of Taraweeh Prayers

by Ibrahim B. Syed, Ph. D.  :  

Muslims derive therapeutic and spiritual benefits starting from the Wudu to the physical movements in the Salat – Takbir, Qiyam, Ruku, Sajda, Jalsa, and Tasleems. Muslims perform five daily contact prayers (Salat) and voluntary prayers (Sunnah, Nafl) throughout the year and Taraweeh prayers during the month of Ramadan. This results in moderate physical exercise particularly to every muscle in the body. Some muscles contract isometrically (same length) and some contract in approximation or isotonically (same tension).

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When Muslims ruled the civilised world

islamScienceby Hamid Dabashi  :  

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York has just opened a magnificent exhibition of Islamic art of the Seljuqid period. That sentence would or should probably cause a double-take for right at the artistic and intellectual heartland of this beleaguered empire, Americans are celebrating one of the highest summits of Islamic civilization at a time when US Muslims are subject to one of the ugliest phases of Islamophobia in their recent history.

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ISIS: The Knife That Slaughters Islam And Muslims

isis usaby Ghulam Ghaus  :  

If you want to know what makes ISIS a slaughterer of Islam, Dr. Najih Ibrahim and Dr. Hisham Al-Najjar are your men. In the book “ISIS: The Knife That Slaughters Islam”, the authors report shocking facts about the world’s most merciless terrorist organization known as ISIS or ISIL or ‘Islamic State’ or Daesh; its roots, background and violent ideologies. The authors excavate deep into the ISIS threat, shining a hard light on how this calamity has come about, and analyzing the suspicious roles of ISIS in regional and international conflicts.

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In Search Of Believers in the House of Islam

road right pathby Rashid Samnakay  :  

Although there are reputedly some 1.7 billion people who claim to be Muslims (Who and how they were counted?) but are there any Believers-Momins in the House of Islam today? It is important therefore to establish how the Book Quran defines Momin and Muslim. Believer-Momin is a Quranic term. The definition of a Believer is given in the first few lines of Chapter 2, which is the actual beginning of instructions; for those who had sought guidance and had proclaimed Unity of the Creator of the Universe and pledged obedience to Him in the first and opening Chapter.

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