Rising Hindutva fascism against minorities under Modi

Bound to  divide communities and destabilise India.

By Latheef Farook

Ever since  Narendra Modi waselectedPrime Minister two years ago theRSS,Rastriya Swayam Sevak, began implementing its fascist Hindutva agenda against Muslims, so called low caste Hindus called Dalits and Christians.

Under the guise of protecting cows, RSS thugs calling  themselves” Cow Vigilante”have unleashed medieval style barbarityonMuslims ,cruelty towards  Dalits and death for  Hindus converting to other religions.

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Jewish community hosts iftar banquet for Muslim neighbors

from Daily Sabah  :  

Edirne, a city on Turkey’s European border, on Thursday hosted an outdoor iftar (fast-breaking meal) for the Muslim faithful observing the fasting month of Ramadan. What distinguished this event from other outdoor iftars was its host and location. The Turkish Jewish community, whose members were forced to leave the city in the1930s during the infamous Trakya incidents, held a banquet for Edirne Muslims outside the Great Edirne Synagogue. The synagogue, restored by the government and opened last year, has revived Jewish culture in the city, where only one Jewish family lives, hosting frequent visits from community members from other cities and a lavish wedding last month, the first in decades.

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Peaceful Hinduism hijacked by RSS Hindutva fascists

modimaskPlight of Indian  Muslims under RSS today

by Latheef Farook  :  

Attacks on Muslims, burning to death innocent Muslim men, women, children and the aged and torching their residential, commercial and Industrial property have been common occurrences in India ever since India was partitioned in 1947.

The main architect of this barbarity has been the  Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh, RSS, and its deceptive fronts such as VHP, BJP, Shiv Sena and many others who call themselves Hindus.

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Disguised Islamophobia at US college

us muslimsby Tariq A. Al-Maeena : 

The phobia against Muslims stirred up by Donald Trump in his run for the US presidency has spilled over into other venues. Muslims are being marginalized because of their faith in scattered cases across America or singled out during rallies and booted out as was the case recently of a Muslim lady who had attended a Trump rally. Earlier this month, Wheaton College, a Protestant Christian college in the state of Illinois,

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British Muslims want fairness not favours

islamophobe usa phoenixby Dilly Hussain : 

Muslims across the UK are eagerly awaiting the publication of the much-anticipated Counter Extremism Bill. Prolific government statements throughout 2015 set out its intention to tackle the “extremist ideology” that apparently lurks behind “Islamist extremism”. The justifiable counter-concerns about yet further encroachments on Muslim civil liberties makes this as significant a political struggle as the Counter Terrorism and Security Bill at the start of 2015.

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Does Islamophobia now sell better than sex?

uk muslimsby Abdullah Thomson : 

To break up the festive cheer on Boxing Day the Times published a front page article under a bold title: “Muslims ‘silent on terror’”.[1] It was repeated on their website with a standard picture of some Muslims wearing niqābs titled “Muslims ‘stay silent’ on extremism tip-off scheme”.[2] The number of referrals made to Prevent from the community was repeatedly implied to be a clear sign that “Muslims are

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