Political and religious leadership crisis of a Sri Lankan minority

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Who represent the Muslim community in the government? The shocking answer is “NONE”.

One may ask “how could the Muslims complain as there are several Muslim ministers and deputy ministers in the government”. Yes there are many Muslim ministers, but they do not represent the community as most of them entered into deals and got into the government. For example, the presence of Sri Lanka Muslim Congress, SLMC, in the government is deceptive as they contested under UNP tickets and entered Parliament.

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Alavi Moulana : Trade Union leader turned politician liked by all

by Latheef Farook  :  

Veteran trade unionist turned politician Seyed Ahmed Seyed Alavi Moulana who passed away during the holy month of Ramadhan on Wednesday 15 June 2016 was buried at the Dehiwala Burial ground following day.

Discussing about Moulanaa friend of mine TilakJayasingha, Sri Lanka’s former Ambassador to Palestine, reminded me that his uncle,Communist Party Trade Union Leader M.G.Mendis who later became RatgamaMP,  time and again used to saythat;

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Let the Sri Lanka Muslim scholars open their mouth

slmuslimaby Tuan Jassim  :  

May sanity prevail during these trying times. Sunni Muslims with Saudi Arabia taking the leading role and Shia community led by Iran were getting along with a lot of tolerance and wisdom all these centuries, because of their respective responsible leaders. The well being of world Muslims was guiding the leaders all along without letting the common enemies of Islam to mislead the Muslim nations.

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Muslims and their insular mindset

muslim seigeby M.S.M Ayub  :  

Ask even an educated Sri Lankan Muslim woman in a black Abaya about Wahabism or Salafism. Most probably she would know nothing. Following reports that some 36 Sri Lankans had travelled to Syria out of whom some had joined the dreaded Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant or Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS); Fears had been expressed that many more Sri Lankans might team up with the terror group, that had vowed to bring several countries under its rule which they call Khilafath.

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Muslims- One step forward, four steps back!

sl muslims

by F. S. M. Ahamed  :  

Muslims in Sri Lanka are moving away from mainstream society, and oneof the main reasons for it is the kind of education our children are receiving.  Comparing the present generation of school going Muslim children with those some decades back, it is obvious that the present generation of children who are attending Muslim schools and Madrasas are growing up isolated from society.

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Sri Lankan Muslim Diaspora In Uk Celebrates 68th Independence Anniversary

Cosmos nationalDay2Press Release : 

Council of Sri Lankan Muslim Organizations (COSMOS-UK) and Sri Lanka Muslim Cultural Centre (SLMCC- Harrow) , jointly organized a special meeting and a prayer gathering in SLMCC Harrow, on Sunday 7th February from 4-7 pm , to mark the 68th Anniversary of Sri Lankan Independence, with a significant gathering in attendance. They organized a similar event in 2003 too.

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