Syrians asked for Freedom and Dignity

syria rubbleIsrael and its US-European allies gave them death and destruction

By Latheef Farook

Sunni majority Syria ruled by minority Shiite, around 12 percent, roseup during the Arab uprising in May 2011 seeking basic human rights and freedom. All what they got were death,destructionand unprecedentedsuffering and misery.

Their cities,towns and villages were bombed and destroyed, men ,women, children and the aged massacred, economy in ruins with an estimated  loss exceeding around US Dollar 250 billion, modern infrastructure inshamble, livelihood wiped out, societydispersed, families torn apart with people fleeing  all over in search of safety.

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Syria: Either a Revolutionary Victory or the Fall of the Regime

syria genevaby Fawaz Tello

All the parties participating in the Geneva conference (the West, Russia and the Syrian regime) and the Iranians did not embark on this step without considering the implications of what would come after. After the opposition split as expected during the talks, which will not stop now despite their obvious failure, it will undoubtedly realign and reposition many of its stances in a way that is

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On The March With Syria’s Army

hezbullahBy Robert Fisk

The battle for Yabroud is over, but its Greek Catholic church has been savagely vandalised by its former rebel occupants, its streets carpeted with cartridge cases, its houses smashed with shell holes. Syria’s soldiers – along with a host of Hezbollah fighters from Lebanon – watched General Badi Ali raise the government flag on Monday, too late to save the

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Assad regime still holding on as Syrian civil war enters fourth year


assad2from World Bulletin

A single family has ruled Syria for over 40 years, but this week sees the fourth year of war to unseat the Al-Assad clan.

The Syrian civil war enters its fourth year this week having claimed more than 100,000 lives as well as forcing millions of people to seek shelter abroad.The fighting, which began as popular protests against the rule of President Bashar al-

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Atrocities in Syria and the status of Syrian refugees in Turkey

la-fg-syria-refugees-20130610-001Dr Ihsan Cetin

With no end to the conflict in sight, it is reasonable to expect that Syrian refugees are going to be in Turkey for some time, so they have no option but to become part of the labour force in order to earn a living’Photographs smuggled out of Syria earlier this year and released by an international team of lawyers purported to illustrate the systematic and widespread torture used by the Syrian regime against its opponents. They will be recorded in the history of the Middle East as evidence of the time when “fear of Allah” was lost in a supposedly Muslim society. The pictures showed skeletal human beings who

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Tears of Yarmouk – The Palestinian Lesson that Every Syrian Should Know

yarmouk 1 smallBy Ramzy Baroud

In the early days of the Syrian uprising-turned civil war three years ago, the writing on the wall of it becoming an intricate regional and international conflict was there for all to see. Palestinians in Syria were likely to find themselves a pawn in a dirty war, but few could have predicted the magnitude of the crisis, and perhaps, few cared.Despite their many

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