Lessons on the Anniversary of the Nakba

by Hani Al-Masri  :  

On the anniversary of the 1948 Nakba, I think it is appropriate to share what I consider some lessons to be learned from the Palestinian experience since the establishment of Israel on the land of historic Palestine. For a start, it is a lie to say that the Palestinian and Arab rejection of the UN Partition Plan contributed to the Nakba and led to Israel occupying 78 per cent of Mandatory Palestine; the UN allocated just over 50 per cent to the Zionist state.

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Seymour Hersh Says Hillary Approved Sending Libya’s Sarin To Syrian Rebels

us hillaryby Eric Zuesse  :  

The great investigative journalist Seymour Hersh, in two previous articles in the London Review of Books (“Whose Sarin?” and “The Red Line and the Rat Line”) has reported that the Obama Administration falsely blamed the government of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad for the sarin gas attack that Obama was trying to use as an excuse to invade Syria; and Hersh pointed to a report from British intelligence saying that the sarin that was used didn’t come from Assad’s stockpiles.

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US Supports Saudi-led War in Yemen: Bombing Civilians, Running Out of Bombs…

yemen debrisby William M. Boardman  :  

It sounds a little like a joke (and in a sense it is): Two US senators introduce a resolution based on fraudulent representations of reality, seeking to make the president insist that the Saudis bomb fewer civilians in Yemen, and this darkly hilarious hoax is still better than anything the other 98 senators (and the whole House) are doing about the US illegal war in Yemen. Our would-be heroic duo in the Senate doesn’t actually oppose the US war on Yemen, even though they acknowledge its savage daily violations of international law (currently suspended during a tenuous ceasefire).

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NPC Seeks North-East Merger, Separate Sub-Units For Muslims, Indian Tamils

sampanthan hakeemby P K Balachandran  :   

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA)-dominated Northern Provincial Council (NPC) has passed a resolution seeking a federal constitution for Sri Lanka, and the merger of the Northern and Eastern Provinces to form a single Tamil-speaking “State” with an autonomous sub-unit in it for the Muslim minority. The resolution passed on Friday, also sought an autonomous sub-unit for the Indian Origin Tamils (IOT) in Nuwara Eliya district in the Sinhalese-majority Central Province.

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Forgotten and without a future: Syria’s Palestinian refugees

pal refugeesby Sophia Akram  :  

A small group of Palestinians from war-torn Syria have found themselves among the rising migration flows from conflict-stricken countries in the Middle East and other regions. The presence of the Palestinians is one of many hidden migration trends occurring between Syria and Europe – hidden truths that are leading to migration officials asking the wrong questions, and leading to “migrants” being denied basic rights. The trends are emerging as it becomes clear that Europe’s attempt at stemming unprecedented migration has caused both predictable and unpredictable results.

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A Complete Year of United States Coordinated War in Yemen

yemen debrisby Abayomi Azikiwe  :    

Last March a coalition of Gulf States led by Saudi Arabia and supported by Washington began a daily bombing campaign and later ground operation in Yemen. Over the last year this war has accelerated bringing in military forces from Egypt and Sudan in what is seen as a proxy war against the Islamic Republic of Iran and its growing influence throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

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