Saudi music, fashion shows and Halloween parties. Come under criticism from Muslims worldwide. By Latheef Farook

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Saudi Arabia’s western style music  and fashion shows and Halloween parties under government’s modernization program,often in obscene clothes and environment, had come under criticism.

Saudi Arabia celebrated the Halloween festival this year with pomp and show. Halloween-inspired costumes and other items were sold in malls and marketplaces in Riyadh and other cities. Visuals showing people dressed up in Halloween costumes went viral on social media. 

Last February, Jeddah witnessed the first ever three day public women’s fashion show. This was followed in March by a fashion show in Madina,the city of holyProphet Muhammad (Peace be up on him,) where Muslims worldwide flock with great respect and reverence.

This sparked anger among helpless and voiceless people in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Saudi Arabia is ruled by the House of Saudi which was created by the British Imperial Power and the Zionists in the aftermath of the World War 1, in return for Saudi support to establish the state of Israel in Palestine.

Ibn Sauds were a small time tribe in Riyadh known as Najd.

In the aftermath of the World War 1, Makka and Madina, the two most important holy cities in Islam, were ruled by Sheriff Hussein who vehemently opposed the creation of  Israel in Palestine. So the British imperial power armed and financed Ibn Saud to attack Sheriff Hussein, driven him out and  took over Makka and Madina and created the ruling House of Saud. This situation continues to date.

Since then Saudi rulers were projecting to Muslims worldwide as the guardian of Islam and Islamic holy places in Makka and Madina while being in hand in glove with US-Europe and Zionists in implementing their evil designs on Islam and Muslims.

The state of affairs is such today that former US President Donald Trump said “Saudi regime cannot survive for two weeks without the support of America” which has been spearheading a vicious campaign invading,   killing millions of Muslims and turning Muslim countries into graveyards.

Saudi regime aligned with US, European and Israel against Muslims. For example it took part in all US-European-Israeli wars such as US engineered Kuwaiti war, war on Iraq, Libya, and Syria to weaken Muslim countries and ensure Israel’s supremacy.

They got the Gulf oil sheikhs including Saudi Arabia to foot the cost of invasion and the destruction of Iraq.

Implementing US-European-Israeli designs on Muslims, Saudi Arabia together with United Arab Emirates bombed and destroyed the poverty stricken ancient country of Yemen killing hundreds of thousands of innocent  men, women, children and the aged besides turning the country into a grave yard causing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

Saudi regime has been hostile to rise of Islam as a force. For example in the first ever free and fair elections in Egypt, in 2011 Dr Mohamed Morsy’s pro Islamic Brotherhood Party was elected with great majority.

Implementing US, European, Israeli agenda Saudi, together with UAE and Kuwait, spent eleven billion dollars to create artificial food and fuel shortages to instigate popular uprising which overthrew Dr Mohamed Morsy’s government .They installed the anti-Muslim tyrant Abdel Fattah Sisi in power to serve US European and Israeli interests.

In the process thousands of innocent Muslims were massacred-some inside mosques. Saudi and UAE reported to be having their hands in the ongoing crisis in Tunisia and Sudan.

Saudi and the Gulf sheikhs have virtually abandoned Islam, Muslims, Palestinians and Muslims sufferings all over including Kashmir, Rohingya and Uyghur .They have even abandoned Masjid Al Aqsa and given free hand to Israel, despite its daily crimes, to illegally annex Jerusalem, desecrate Masjid Al-Aqsa and commit unprecedented crime against Palestinians.

As part of the growing ties with Israel an Israeli plane became the first public Israeli flight to land on the soil of Saudi Arabiaon26 October 2021.

Muslims world wideremain helpless in view of Saudi control over holy cities of Makka and Medina, support it receives from US-Europe and Israel and the clout it enjoy due to its oil wealth controlled by Saudi’s autocratic tribal rulers.

Meanwhile within the country the regime adopts a repressive policy of arresting, imprisoning for years, torturing and even sentencing to death Muslim scholars who criticize the government’ sun-Islamic policies.

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Disclaimer: Saudi music, fashion shows and Halloween parties. Come under criticism from Muslims worldwide. By Latheef Farook - Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not necessarily reflect point-of-view

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