Israel is a terror house rooted in bloodshed : Iran

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New Delhi :Israeli ambassador to India  Naor Gilon has accused Iran of ‘destabilising’ the West Asian region.

Naor Gilon said the newly announced India-Israel-UAE-U.S. quadrilateral was an outcome of the “Abraham Accords” that saw Israel and the UAE establish diplomatic ties, which were the result of “common concerns” about Iran’s role in the region.

Gilon told media on Thursday,  a day after the Supreme Court asked an expert committee to enquire into allegations of hacking using an Israeli software Pegasus, the Ambassador also emphasised that the software could only have been sold to a Government, but wouldn’t comment on which Government or whether the Indian Government has contacted the Embassy or the Israeli Government to enquire into the sale of the software, reported The Hindu.

In a statement the Iranian Embassy in Delhi called the Israeli envoy’s comments ‘childish’ and ‘adventurous’, and added that “great civilisations with a great history of peace and coexistence are smarter than falling into [such] traps”, and accused Israel of “human rights abuses” and ‘atrocities’. The Iranian embassy statement also referred to Israel’s “scandalous involvement” in the Pegasus software hacking case.

“Israel  is a terror house which  its illegitimate establishment  rooted in bloodshed, assassination and massacre of Palestinians and other nations in the Middle East, a regime which its scandalous involvement in the current Pegasus spionage together with a history of occupation and invading other territories in Syria and lebanon as well as its atrocities and war crimes against innocent people in Qana, kafar Qasem, Sabra and Shatila camps is well known to everybody in the world, how could advise peace coalitions and accuse others who have defended victims of extremism and aggression in the region” the statement added.

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