SF: Some ministers are drug addicts who spend time with prostitutes at night clubs

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By Saman Indrajith

There would be more social upheavals if the government did not solve the problems peopel were facing, the main Opposition the SJB, told Parliament on Tuesday.

Chief Opposition Whip Kandy District SJB MP Lakshman Kiriella

said it was difficult to predict when and where the next violent uprising would take place. “Some say that the Aragalaya is over. It is not so. The causes of the agitation and public unrest are not addressed. In the meantime, prices of essential items are soaring.

Colombo District SJB MP Mujibur Rahuman said:

We are sitting on a simmering volcano. There would be violence if the government does not address the people’s problems urgently. Foreign media reports say, citing survey findings, that there has been a 30 percent increase of female sex workers in recent months in this country. The economy has collapsed. People no longer can afford the prices of essential items. A recent survey at a Children Hospital in Colombo has revealed that malnutrition among children is increasing. There are terrible times ahead of us. The government should listen to people without playing games to stay in power. The President must resign.

Gampaha District SJB MP Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka:

The people are convinced that this Parliament cannot find solutions to their problems. “More than half of the MPs are undesirables. They have a criminal history. Some of them still are engaged in anti-social and criminal activities. It is my estimate that only around 15 percent of MPs have a vision and capacity to be fit for an MP. In the new Cabinet there are persons who use narcotics from dawn to dusk and some who spend nights prostitutes. People know that a Cabinet with such persons accused of corruption and debauchery could not solve their problems. Eighty percent of the population of this country live on 20 percent of national income. People know that, too. They also know that they would not benefit from these debates or what we speak here. These speeches would not help dull pangs of hunger. We must understand this situation.

“Some people are claiming that the Galle Face Aragalaya is over. The decrease in numbers does not mean it is over. I have all my best wishes and I extend my fullest support to those agitators. We all are experiencing various shortages but I call on people to give whatever assistance to that struggle of which victory will ensure people’s rights.’

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