Leave queues, join protests to oust govt.- JVP Women

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By Saman Indrajith

The JVP women wing, Women for Rights, says that anyone who props up the Gotabaya-Wickremesinghe government is an enemy of the public.Addressing the media, at the JVP Headquarters, in Pelawatte, yesterday, WfR Chairperson Sarojini Savithri Paulraj called on the people to leave the queues, which led to mortuaries, and join the progressive forces to overthrow the government. “What is the use of this government that cannot keep schools open for five days a week. There is no use of ministers and MPs coming to Parliament, while schools remain closed. The government should resign, letting people elect a new administration that could find solutions for the crises. Now, it is very clear that this government has no solutions but it does not step down. People have no other option but to take to the streets to send it home.”

Ranil Wickremesinghe said he was capable of saving the country. Dhammika Perera says he joined the government to help the country earn dollars. None of them can solve this problem,” she said.

WfR Secretary Samanamalee Gunasinghe called on women to come out of kitchens to fight against the government by joining the protests. “We have no other way but to send this government home. No other nation will give any substantial assistance to this country as long as this government is in power. This crisis is not because of anything but because the rulers had stolen public money. This is the end result of political culture that prevailed in this country since its independence. We must see the end of it to end the agony we have,” Gunasinghe said.

WfR Colombo District Organiser Rishana Shimas said that 2.3 million, out of the 4.8 million child population, was suffering from malnutrition. “As per UNICEF data, Sri Lanka is the seventh country in the list of nations affected by child malnutrition. The nutrition issue cannot be solved by eating jackfruit and by planting sweet potato saplings. Every mother is facing unprecedented stress because she cannot feed her children. The prevailing situation is leading to an unprecedented health crisis. What sort of future will be there in this country when half of its children are suffering from the effects of chronic malnutrition?” she asked.

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