31 years on, justice continues to elude victims of Kunanposhpora mass rape

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In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, justice continues to elude the victims of Kunanposhpora mass rape despite the passing of over three decades.

Indian troops gang-raped around 100 Kashmiri women of all ages from eight year-old girls to eighty years old women during a cordon and search operation in Kunanposhpora area of Kupwara district on the night of February 23, 1991.

Thirty one years have passed since the Kunanposhpora mass rape occurred but the victims are still awaiting justice while the troops involved in heinous crime are roaming free, said a report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, on the completion of thirty one years to the tragic incident. It said that the memories of Kunanposhpora mass rape are still alive in the minds of the Kashmiri people.

Indian troops have raped, gang-raped and molested 11,247 women in IIOJK since January 1989 till date. It said, the impunity given by India to its troops under draconian laws is the main reason behind the Kunanposhpora-like tragedies.

Kunanposhpora mass rape is a glaring example of Indian troops’ brutalities in IIOJK. It is a blot on the so-called democratic face of India, which is using rape of women as an instrument of state terrorism in IIOJK. Kunanposhpora tragedy is a proof of institutionalized violence being using by India and the war crimes perpetrated by Indian troops in Kashmir.

India is employing rape as a military tactic to punish the Kashmiris and break their resolve for freedom from its subjugation.

New Delhi must be pressurized to reopen Kunanposhpora mass rape case to bring perpetrators to book. India must be held accountable for perpetrating heinous crimes against the Kashmiris.

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