Former governor Aziz Qureshi calls on Indian Muslims to stand together with courage against Hindutva terrorists

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English translation of an audio message of ex Governor Aziz Qureshi

Indian Muslims should act with courage, bravery, self-confidence, and boldness and organize themselves. It is essential for everyone, including Hindu fundamentalists, Hindutva activists, and those who may wish to undermine the identity of Indian Muslims, to understand that Muslims will not tolerate any form of oppression.

If some Hindu fundamentalists believe they can marginalize Muslims from Indian society as has happened in history, it is merely wishful thinking.

Over the centuries, Indian Muslims have contributed significantly to this nation’s growth and prosperity. Our hard work, honesty, and dedication have enriched every corner of this land. We have protected its borders, expanded its boundaries, and elevated its name on the global stage.


Let us dispel any notion of animosity between communities. Indian Muslims are loyal to this land, committed to peace and harmony, and pose no threat to anyone. We abhor violence and will not resort to any form of “Jihad.” However, if our self-respect, honor, customs, or the Quran are targeted, we will respond firmly.

Our commitment to this nation is unwavering. We are willing to sacrifice even a substantial part of our population for the sake of our community’s honor and prestige. Our traditions and customs are dear to us, and we will passionately uphold them.

In times of disaster or turmoil, let us avoid blaming any particular group. Instead, let us work together to resolve issues and build a strong, united nation.

I would like to address Mr. Narendra Modi and his followers, urging them to understand that unity is crucial to the well-being of our country. Discussions about “Urban Naxalism” distract us from the real challenges that require our attention.

If our nation faces any adversity, the responsibility should not fall on any specific group but on all of us as a collective society. Let us hold ourselves accountable for the well-being of our nation.

Indian Muslims will demonstrate their loyalty to the country by upholding its values and defending its integrity and sovereignty. We will proudly raise the Indian flag, regardless of the sacrifices it may entail.

Let us embrace harmony, mutual respect, and dialogue, forging a path of progress and unity for our great nation.mohamed

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