Hijab ban: Muslim girls shut out, humiliated; boys boycott classes in protest

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As the hijab ban continues in the Indian state of Karnataka, many pre-university and degree colleges including Muslim institutions restricted girls to enter the campus with the headscarf across the state.

Anjuman e Islam Polytechnic College, Gadag and Sri Vijaya Mahantesh College, Ilkal (Bagalkot) are among the colleges that restricted Muslim girls to enter the college.

The Karnataka High Court’s interim order which says no religious dresses must be worn to the institutes continues to stop hundreds of Muslim girls from wearing headscarves in the state. The court will continue hearing in the coming days, with no relief for the Muslim girls in near sight.

Dozens of visuals of Muslim girls being harassed at the gates of school campuses are sparked outrage around the world. A protest was organised outside the Indian embassy in Kuwait on Wednesday.

The interim order is only enforced at the colleges which come under the CDC (College Development Committee) but all the educational institutions have started imposing a ban on hijab.

Most of the government PU colleges come under the CDC.

Management of several primary schools and degree colleges are now restricting Muslim girls to enter the classrooms even after the CM’s statement saying students under graduation students can wear dresses of their choice.

In Mandya, police chased Muslim students threatening them of filing cases against them for violating section 144. In Belagavi, police detained Muslim youths protesting against the hijab ban outside Vijaya College.

“Since two years I’ve been studying in this college, everything was normal till yesterday. When I along with my friends went into the campus we were stopped by the principal and the teachers of our college. They asked us to take off our hijab to enter the classroom. When I said them that the hijab is the part of our faith and I can’t compromise with it, the principal threatened me saying if I won’t remove my hijab, police may intervene in the matter and will get us out of the classroom,” Gousiya Tasleem Mulla(18), a student of Anjuman e Islam polytechnic college told to the Maktoob.

“They allowed us inside the campus, but not in the classrooms,” Tasleem added.

“Reason for admitting my daughter in the Anjuman e Islamic polytechnic College is because of the Muslim management. I wanted my daughter to get educated being in an Islamic environment, I had never expected this thing to happen in this college,” Tasleem’s mother told media.

“Tasleem’s father expired 4 years ago. I solely take care of her along with her younger brother who’s in 9th grade,. Tasleem is currently studying diploma and I want her to be a BE graduate. But it can only happen if the college allows hijab. Because for us our religion is important. If we take off the hijab here, how could we face Allah on the day of judgement?, I’m happy that my daughter is fighting for her rights, she’s a brave girl.” Tasleem’s mother added.

“It doesn’t matter if this is a Muslim institute, for me the High court’s order is superior,” Aleemuddin Naik, Principal of Anjuman e Islam polytechnic college, told media.

“We were forced to sit near the washroom. The teachers didn’t allow us inside the class for wearing the hijab. How can they do like this? It’s our fundamental right to practice our religion. It’s a question of our dignity.” Sadiya Samreen, a student of Sri Vijaya Mahantesh College Ilkal told media.

“We aren’t afraid of anyone, we will wear our hijab no matter what,” Sadiya Samreen added.

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