Hindutva brigade’s fake gang-rape campaign against Muslims backfires

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 The hate campaign launched by Hindutva brigade to implicate a group of Muslims in a gang-rape case backfired as the police in Ghaziabad district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh found the charges to be false.

As soon as name of some Muslims surfaced in the gang-rape case of a Hindu woman, the hate brigade launched its campaign carrying disparaging remarks against the Muslims and Islam.


Notorious for his anti-Muslim rhetoric, Yati Narsinganand, in his hate speeches made derogatory remarks against Holy Quran and Hadith, claiming that Islam “teaches Muslims such thing”.



Vishwa Hindu Parishad spokesperson Vinod Bansal termed the incident as “IslamicSexGang”, claiming massive level of brutality against the Hindu woman.

A mob of Hindutva groups also staged a protest against the incident at the Nand Nagri Railway Station shouting provocative slogans. They shouted slogans of spilling blood on roads if Hindus interest was hurt.


On the other hand, the Ghaziabad police said that the woman, with the help of her friends forged charges against her rivals who they named in the FIR.

The police pointed out that two of the suspects Shah Rukh and Mohammad Javed have a property dispute with the woman whose friend Azad got a power of attorney made in his name and later sold the land to another person. Later, the property, estimated to be worth about Rs53 lakh, was transferred to the woman.

The three men, who assisted the woman in implicating the Muslims in the rape case, were arrested.

Inspector General of Police, Ghaziabad, Praveen Kumar, said suitable legal action will be taken against the woman. “The investigation is still continuing and more suspects may be apprehended. As per the plan, the woman was staying at a location in Delhi during the period of the alleged kidnap and gang-rape,” he said.

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