India ranked below Afghanistan and Zimbabwe in global press freedom index

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Modi-led fascist Indian government is using strong-arm-tactics to strangulate media in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) and India itself.

Under Modi government, press freedom in India has steadily shrunk since 2014.

As per media watchdog, Reporters without Borders, India ranked 142 in the global press freedom index in 2021, below Afghanistan and Zimbabwe.

According to a study by Geeta Seshu for the Free Speech Collective, India is rapidly becoming unsafe for journalists. Sixty-seven journalists were arrested and nearly 200 physically attacked in 2020. Journalists are arrested and sent to jail under draconian law of Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) for doing their journalistic work which is a blatant violation of UN charter.

India is perpetually persecuting the voices of dissent since long. Journalists in the IIOJK face killings, murder attempts, arrests and threats on regular basis and a number of journalists have been killed and scores injured since 1989.

The fake Indian state controlled media carries continuous campaign to conceal the deploring state of independent journalists and analysts, India blatantly act in defiance of international laws and ethical codes in vogue.

Two examples are enough to describe the state of freedom of speech in India; Arundhati Roy was forced to publically apologize for her remarks comparing the Indian and Pakistani armies saying, “Indian state has deployed its Army against people in regions including Kashmir, the northeast, Telangana, and Goa“. Pakistan has not deployed its army against its people the way India has…”

The other example is of famous Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah who was targeted, criticized and threatened for his remarks: “I feel anxious for my children, if tomorrow a mob surround them and ask them are you Hindu or Muslim? They will have no answer”.

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