‘Indian troops are killing civilians under a planned conspiracy’

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Vice Chairman of Tehreek-e-Istaqlal Jammu and Kashmir, Mushtaq Ahmed Butt and General Secretary, Abdul Hameed, have condemned the killing of civilians by Indian troops in Hyderpora, Srinagar.

Mushtaq Ahmed Butt and Abdul Hameed, in a joint statement in Islamabad said that the Indian troops were constantly killing innocent people under a planned conspiracy and have crossed all the limits of oppression to suppress the Kashmiris’ freedom movement.

They said that Indian Modi-led fascist Indian government and its terrorist forces in IIOJK were using all means to prevent the people of Kashmir, particularly the youth, from their just struggle for right to self-determination but the people of Kashmir would continue freedom movement till complete success.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Pasban-e-Hurriyat Jammu and Kashmir Uzair Ahmad Ghazali and Vice Chairman, Osman Ali Hashim in a joint statement in Muzaffarabad denounced the killing of civilians by Indian troops in Srinagar. They lamented that the Indian troops were even not handing over the bodies of the martyrs to their heirs for proper burial. They also condemned the use of brute force and arrest of the protesting family members by Indian police during a protest against killing of a fake encounter in Hyderpora, Srinagar.

Hurriyat leader, Engineer Mushtaq Mehmood in a statement in Islamabad expressed concern over the world’s criminal silence over the unabated killing of innocent people of IIOJK by the Indian troops. He said that the Indian troops were killing innocent people, especially youth, on daily basis in the territory and urged the world community and international human rights organizations should take notice of it. He also appealed to the world powers to help resolve the lingering Kashmir dispute according to the United Nations resolutions and aspirations of the Kashmiri people so that permanent peace could be established in the region.

Vice Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir People’s Movement, Vice Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Pir Panja Freedom Movement, Qazi Imran and Convener of Jammu and Kashmir Peoples Association, Khalid Shabbir in a joint statement in Islamabad, denouncing the killing of civilians, said silence of the United Nations on the Kashmir’s situation is extremely sad.

They said the United Nations should fulfill its promise and give the people of Kashmir their birthright to self-determination so that the Kashmiri people can decide their future.

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