India’s Independence Day is Black Day for Kashmiris

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India’s Independence Day is a Black Day for the people of Kashmir as it has usurped all the fundamental rights of the people of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

A report released by Kashmir Media Service, today, said India’s Independence Day is observed as Black Day every year by the Kashmiris to convey their message to the world that India’s has occupied their motherland against their will.

It said, Kashmiris reject Indian occupation and want only right to self-determination guaranteed by the United Nations and the international community. People of IIOJK have never accepted India’s illegal occupation of their motherland, it added.

The report said, Kashmiris are fighting for freedom of their homeland from Indian yoke for the past over 7 decades. It pointed out India has no right to celebrate its Independence Day till it gives the Kashmiris their right to self-determination. The report deplored, India is celebrating its freedom from Britishers, today, but denying the same to the Kashmiris

The report said, Kashmir is a military and police state where people are besieged, harassed and terrorized by Indian troops on daily basis. India is rejoicing its freedom but denying the same to the Kashmiris, it maintained.

It said the 5th August 2019 illegal actions by Modi-led fascist Indian government again testified that India is an occupational force. The report said India’s claim to be the biggest democracy in the world stands exposed in IIOJK but observance of Black Day by Kashmiris keeps reminding world that India is a usurper.

The report questioned where is the UN and where are champions of human rights at a time when the people in IIOJK are facing worst brutalities at the hands of Indian troops. It maintained that the Kashmiris are destined to achieve freedom from Indian occupation and Indian defeat is writing on the wall.

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