Lecturer in Karnataka quits her job on being asked to remove hijab

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Even as tempers are soaring over forceful removal of hijab of students by school/college authorities in Karnataka, teaching staff are not spared of the ordeal. Against this backdrop, a teacher’s refusal to succumb to pressure comes as heart-warming development.

It’s a woman lecturer from a Tumkur college’s English department who resigned from the job on being asked by the principal of the college to remove her hijab rather than oblige to her command.

Named Chandini, the lecturer was teaching English at Jain Pre University College of Tumkur. Her resignation letter, which has surfaced on social media, disclosed that she had been wearing hijab inside the college for the last three years.

“Resigning from my position of lecturer of English subject as you demanded (from) me to remove my Hijab which I have been carrying from 3 years in your college,” read the resignation letter addressed to the college principal, dated 16 February.

“Right to religion is a constitutional right which nobody could deny… I condemn your undemocratic act,” Chandini wrote.

Meanwhile, colleges and schools elsewhere in the state of Karnataka are forcing students to remove hijab as a precondition to enter their premises. In case, any girl or woman refused to oblige to the diktat, she would be turned back.

Many students, and even teachers, had to go through the harrowing experience of being forced to remove their hijab at the entrance of the educational institutions. While many grudgingly endured this public humiliation to gain entry, others, who stood ground and declined to buckle under pressure, were denied and sent back home.

The college authorities are resorting to such abominable measures to ensure compliance of the interim order of the Karnataka High court banning religious clothes in the colleges. The interim order will remain in effect till the court pronounce its final verdict on the petitions filed against hijab ban in the Udupi colleges.

However, many point out that the colleges are exceeding their brief and, in effect, are violating the HC order. They say the interim order was restricted to the colleges where dress code is prescribed. Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai also drew attention to this fact in the state assembly.

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