She is daughter of a Pathan, says father of girl who confronted mob in Karnataka

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Muskan khan was facilitated by members of Maharashtra-based NGOs [Special arrangement]

By Imran Inamdar

The family of Muskan Khan, a Muslim student who became a symbol of pro-hijab resistance after confronting an unruly mob and chanting the ‘Allah-u-akbar’ slogan in Karnataka, have expressed happiness over the widespread support they have received from across the world.

Muskan’s father Husain Khan said that after the college incident, they were a bite worried but Muskan calmed them down and told them that they are on the right path and they have nothing to worry about.

“She is a daughter of a Pathan,” Khan proudly said.


“Muskan is a very religious girl who believes in the importance of connection with their creator and  performs tahajjud on daily basis (midnight prayers.)” he said while speaking to this correspondent over a call.

He further said that he wanted Muskan to become an advocate but many well wishers are now suggesting her to start preparations for civil services exams.

“Insha Allah, we will do our best for her better education to become good a human being and serve her nation,” he said.

Hussain Khan raised his concerns over rumour and fake news about his family. “When our opponents spread rumours and fake news like receiption of crores of rupees ,gifts and rewards etc.,it can be ignored easily but when our own people do it and try to let us down by doing so  then it hurts” he added.

He added that Muskan has received overwhelming media attention and activists from all over India keep coming to appreciate Muskan’s brave act.

Members of Maharashtra-based NGOS – Maharashtra active Forum, Gaziuddin Research Centre, Tahzeeb Foundation and Sada Foundation – visited Muskan to felicitate her. One of the visiting member Sarfaraz Ahmad said that motive behind the visit was protection of Muskan’s constitutional rights. All the present members including Muskan and family  read “preamble to the constitution of India”  there, he added

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