Sudarshan channel exposed, dupes UP school students for Hindu Rashtra oath-taking

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A video circulated on the Sudarshan News channel head’s Twitter handle showing school children swearing to “fight, die, and kill” to construct a Hindu Rashtra was filmed through subterfuge by the channel’s crew who “meant mischief.” This was stated by the management of the private school.

Jitendra Singh, manager of Vimla Inter College in Robertganj, Uttar Pradesh’s Sonbhadra district, told the Telegraph that a crew from Sudarshan News had sought to take boys from the school to a nearby park for a debate they stated they wanted to film.

“Even I am a Hindu but I don’t approve of fanaticism. I condemn it and will support any inquiry against such elements,” he added.

On Tuesday, Suresh Chavhanke, CMD and editor-in-chief of Sudarshan News, tweeted the video, days after footage of a similar oath-taking in Delhi for a Hindu Rashtra and a call for genocide against Muslims was shown at the hate assembly of sadhus in Haridwar.

In the latest video, a guy administers an oath to more than two dozen boys and girls, some of whom are dressed in school uniform (maroon blazer or sweater, maroon trousers, and white shirt) and others who are dressed casually. At the front, a few toddlers may be seen standing.


“We give our word, we pledge to fight, die, and kill, if necessary, and be ready to make any sacrifice until the last moment of our life to make this country a Hindu Rashtra and move it forward at whatever cost,” the children say in Hindi. We will not take a single step back. May our Gurudev, Kul Devata (family god), Gram Devata (village deity), forefathers, and Bharat Mata bestow strength and success upon us?”

“On Tuesday afternoon, while the school was shutting, I spotted some people at the school gate talking to pupils,” Jitendra stated. I inquired as to what was going on. Those individuals claimed to be from Sudarshan News — their microphones displayed the name — and invited students to a debate on rashtra dharma (national responsibility) at Chacha Nehru Park nearby.

“I had seen television reporters’ interview ordinary folks, so I didn’t object,” he continued. I learned that five kids from Class XI and five pupils from Class XII from our school were in the park. If necessary, I will ask the students and their parents to file a lawsuit against those who are attempting to violate our Constitution.”

“There is no question of supporting such violent ideology,” Shiv Narayan Lal, the school’s principal said. We were aware that our pupils had been escorted to the park, but we had no idea that the TV crew was up to no good.”

“Oathtaking for Hindu Rashtra is happening on at numerous sites in India,” Chavhanke wrote in Hindi while sharing the video. The anti-Hindus were challenged by these schoolchildren from Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh, who took an oath.”

Chavhanke has photos of himself with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah on his Twitter account.

When the newspaper called Chavhanke’s office to inquire about his thoughts on the allegations of duping the school and the students, the person who answered suggested that any questions be submitted via Twitter.

“You will receive a response in 48 hours,” she promised.

On Wednesday morning, a question was sent to Chavhanke. It wasn’t until late in the evening that I received a response.

Amrendra Pratap Singh, the superintendent of police in Sonbhadra, informed this newspaper that the police had launched their own investigation into the incident because it condoned violence.

“Once the investigation is concluded, I will be able to reveal the details,” he stated.

A similar video showing youths taking exactly the same oath as the Sonbhadra children — with a banner of the Hindu Yuva Vahini behind them — had surfaced last week. Delhi police have confirmed that the event took place in the capital on December 22. No case has been filed yet.

Yogi Adityanath, now Uttar Pradesh chief minister, had founded the Vahini — a militia accused of violence and intimidation — in the late 1990s when he was Gorakhpur MP.

When he was Gorakhpur MP in the late 1990s, Yogi Adityanath, now Uttar Pradesh’s chief minister, founded the Vahini, a militia accused of brutality and intimidation.

Several speakers at the Dharma Sansad in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, on December 17-19 advocated ethnic cleansing of Muslims to aid the creation of a Hindu Rashtra.

Some of the speakers have been charged with a felony, but no arrests have been made.

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