The role of minority departments of secular parties, waqf boards, and Muslim politicians in the present scenario

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By Dr. Danish Lambe

In an Islamophobic political atmosphere, the role & responsibility of minority departments in secular parties and Muslim politicians is to guide and lead the nation towards brotherhood, peace, and justice, as well as to preserve the Constitutional Values established by India’s Architects in 1947 and the Indian Culture and Political Ideologies taught by Ch. Shivaji Maharaj, Shahu Maharaj, Mahatma Phule, Gandhiji, Dr. Ambedkar, and others.

Ideological division of India

India is currently divided into two distinct ideological groups: 1) RSS-Led Extremist Organizations & Parties. 2) Parties & Groups of non-extremists led by no one. And under Group two, I’ll write and address to the following forms of political institutions:

A) Minority Departments of Indian National Congress, Nationalist Congress Party, Shivsena, SP, AIUDF, AAP, VBA, SDPI, AIMIM, Other Bahujan Collations Subject to their Non Extremist Ideologies, and to all Indian Political Parties whose names are not mentioned in my article.

B) Political personalities from all secular and non-extremist frontal groups, as well as semi-political groups such as Sevadal, PFI and all Indian groups whose names are not mentioned in my article.

Demonizing Islam, a trend

Demonizing Islam and Islamic cultural activities, in order to become a political star and in order to win the hearts of the masses has become trendy. As a result, Islamophobia is encouraged in India, and Muslims are supposed to respond by becoming fanatics, extremists, or intolerable, as a result. This is all done by a tiny group of politicians who, despite their lack of ability to serve as leaders or policymakers for the country, these politicians are nevertheless motivated by the desire to be elected again & again.

Redefining secularism & anti-national term

In the era of social media, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technologies, we must rethink secularism. Thus, while being a strict religious man is a positive value in one’s personal life, religious independence is also a positive value, and nationalism and national values are also positive trends, we must clarify that the following activities are also referred to as anti-national and anti-constitutional.

1. Injecting a single religion into politics and national life, which is favoured by (RSS) elites.

2. Forming a habit of enacting rules and laws that disturb and curtail some or all religions or cultures.

3. Forming a habit of enacting national laws or national codes of conduct based on the rules and laws of a specific culture or Scripture.

4. To prohibit or outlaw the practise of any religion or culture.

5. To prohibit conversion to any religion if inhabitants of India accept it of their own free will.

6. Taking over the media and objecting to one religion in a series of illogical disputes, as well as winning debates by shouting.

Path of National Brotherhood and Justice

Work for National Brotherhood and Justice, no matter what party or frontal or basic group you’re in. Having a lower position in politics will allow you to work more freely, whilst having a higher one will limit your options. As a result, focus on these guidelines:

1. Invite them to visit Masjids and Madrasas and demonstrate the activities.

2. Translate and explain the meanings of Kalmah, Azan, and Namaz.

3. Invite them to Iftar and explain why we fast.

4. Present them with the Quran and Islamic Encyclopaedias.

5. Assist the disadvantaged in their educational and medical endeavours.

6. Assist them in obtaining employment and a decent standard of living from Masjids.

7. Establish Low-Cost Coaching Centres Adjacent to Masjids, similar to Maktabs in Masjids

8. Provide free meals on the premises of mosques and dargahs, like our forefathers did.

9. Recount the Real History and distinguish it from the fabricated History disseminated on WhatsApp.

10. Explain to them that if any King or Ruler committed an error and enacted extreme legislation, those are the errors: neither we can repair the past nor can we accept their ideologies; we are creating contemporary India and must avoid making such errors.

11. Recover and Utilize Waqf Property in All of the Above-mentioned Activities.

12. Finally, do everything from the bottom of your heart, as our prophet did. Not to flaunt yourself in pictures. And, in our opinion, he was also an excellent political leader.

13. Restore India’s status as a peaceful country, notwithstanding a diversity of religious views.

Token of love and brotherhood against hatred

Be cautious and explicit in informing our national brothers that we are not converting them from their religion or requesting that they change their beliefs; rather, we are offering a token of love and brotherhood and attempting to change their hatred of Islam, which was instilled in them by Islamophobic politicians. Although they will bark, keep them barking and walking like an elephant; if they arrive in gangs, roar like a lion.


Consequently, as a political personality or a minority department, it is our responsibility to lead the Second Group, “The Non Extremists Group Led by None,” to Equality, Brotherhood, and Justice by our actions and words. In the absence of these principles, it is impossible to have a Healthy Nation. We will not be able to construct a Great and Powerful Nation if we are engaged in open civil war, ideological civil war, or intellectual civil war. However, I recognize that it is simple to say all of the above ideas and strategic plans, but it is much more difficult to travel along this route. However, as an Indian Muslim, and a sincere Ahimsak, I am certain that it is not impossible too.

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Disclaimer: The role of minority departments of secular parties, waqf boards, and Muslim politicians in the present scenario - Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not necessarily reflect point-of-view

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