Udupi Hijab Row: Hopefully, Sanity Will Prevail

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Thanks to the designs of the communal forces, the hijab row of Udupi (Karnataka) schools has become an international issue now. The welcome part is that most of the Indian political leaders of the country are supporting the rights of Muslim girls to wear hijab in schools.

What needs to be understood, however, by the analysis as well as the courts is that hijab for Muslim women is not a religious symbol but is the acceptance of high morality standards prescribed by Islam to suppress the lusts of the human beings and to safeguard the life, health and honour of women. Hijab is the antidote of nakedness being pursued by the forces of modern ideologies governed by Economic Fundamentalism, which seeks to market all the human susceptibilities irrespective of their disastrous effects on individuals’ health, family peace and social order.

In today’s world, women are lured to show as much of their skin as possible even in the public places to satisfy the lust of men. As I have been arguing for quite some time, so called “freedom of women” is in truth the freedom to men to enjoy women and market their services. The results are specifically destructive for women and children. Not only rapes are abounding with every passing day, more and more girls in modern societies become pregnant and either abort their children (in most cases) or become unwed mothers with their Children robbed of fatherly protection and love.

“Freedom” is used selectively by the forces (both political and economic) to advance their own agenda. Where their interests are threatened, they immediately forget Freedom of Choice either in the name of uniformity or discipline.

Heads and hair of women have become the big beauty symbols and it is the provocation all around, with increasing nakedness in media, which is primarily responsible for unhealthy sexual relationships and sexual assaults. All kinds of provocations need to be strongly dealt with if the people are to be saved from Sexually Transmitted Diseases, sex-related problems like rapes, prostitution, sexual assaults, abortions and children living with single parents.

All these are huge problems worldwide with figures in each category in hundreds of thousands, often in tens of millions. But thanks to the dominance of market forces, the enormity of these issues is never highlighted in the media or social and political discourses. Ideally, the schools should make it compulsory for all students to cover their heads in whatever way they want, (even with a full cap if they find it easy to handle), and baring of legs and arms should be banned. This will make girls much safer and mentally peaceful in the schools. Both boys and girls will be in a better frame of mind to concentrate on their studies.

In India communal forces have an added agenda to keep harassing Muslims as much as possible and this becomes highly accelerated whenever elections are near. Hopefully, in future India will be able in a much better way to combat the designs of communalist forces as well as atheistic and Western liberalists.

Dr Javed Jamil is an eminent Islamic scholar and author with over 20 books including his latest, “A Systematic Study of the Holy Qur’ān”.

— Courtesy Clarion India

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