Kashmiris in UK up in arms against Modi’s IIOJK visit

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Kashmiris and their allies on Sunday held demonstrations in the UK against the so-called visit of fascist Indian ruler Narendra Modi to Indian Illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir which was put under intense military lockdown.

“Kashmiris reject the visit by Modi to IIoJK when innocent, unarmed Kashmiris have been jailed in world’s biggest open-air prison,” the protestors said, raising anti-India and pro-Kashmir freedom slogans outside Indian Consulate in Birmingham.

Fahim Kayani, President of Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK which organized the demonstrations, said Kashmiris will never be cowed down by Indian actions.

“Visit of Modi, whose hands are soaked in hot blood of innocents, is aimed at hoodwinking the international community that everything is honky dory in IIoJK,” said Kayani.

The protestors urged the British government on the occasion to put Indian diplomats deployed in the UK on notice over putting IIoJK under military lockdown.

“It is responsibility of the British government and international community to hold India accountable for its crimes against humanity in IIoJK,” Kayani said.

Muhammad Ghalib , President Tehreek- e-Kashmir Europe, said “The free pass that India has been given by the western world is only exposing hypocrisy of these capital which boast of upholding human rights”.

Recalling the unprecedented sacrifices made by Kashmiris in IIoJK for right to self-determination, Kayani said: “it is because of these sacrifices the freedom movement against India can never be cowed down.”

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