Tamil Nadu elections and the Sri Lanka card

The Prime Minister of India has opted to take the same familiar route of some of his predecessors to woo the voters of the southern state of Tamil Nadu by waving the “Sri Lanka card” as assembly elections he wants his ruling BJP to win negotiate the bend. It is …

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A brief history of Hindu nationalism By Ram Puniyani

As per Indian Constitution India is a secular democratic Country. Lately Hindu nationalism has started impacting the nature of state and citizenship in a very strong way. As Indian Nationalism developed during freedom movement, Hindu nationalism and Muslim Nationalism came as opposites of Indian Nationalism. The origin of Hindu nationalism …

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Afghan Peace: A mirage? By Shares Yasmeen Aftab Ali

The present methodology chosen to address Afghanistan’s woes is aimed to achieving a ‘quick fix’. This methodology is a mirage. A thoughtful analysis is required of the Afghan matrix to achieve peace mission. If most players are awarded limited or no share in the division of power, there will be …

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