George Galloway: Britain’s £1bn in “aid” to Yemen as it sells bombs to Saudi is the very definition of blood money

Does the British government’s cynicism know no end? Confirming multi-million pound aid packages for war-torn Yemen while facilitating attacks by the Saudis is treachery of the highest standard. The British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab’s announcement of a further £14 million in “aid” to famine-wracked, cholera-swept, devastated Yemen is surely the perfect example …

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Justice for Palestinians: The burden is on Biden By Ameen Izaadeen

While President-elect Joe Biden’s team signals a revival of multilateralism in the United States foreign policy and an end to the chaos-ridden international system, uncertainly looms with regard to the upcoming administration’s policy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This yet-to-be solved issue of colonialism is viewed by most US politicians as …

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Macron’s liberal double standards By Ishaan Tharoor

The parliamentary allies of French President Emmanuel Macron were forced to backtrack this week over a controversial bill that sparked mass protests across the country. The proposed security law carried a provision that would ban recording police on active duty. Critics saw it as, among other things, a vehicle to punish journalists and …

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