Renaissance will come when Saudi and UAE rulers are thrown out: Arif Ayyub

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Arif Ayyub [Photo: Facebook]

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Arif Ayyub, a Mumbai-based activist, has hit out at rulers of Saudi Arabia and UAE for collaborating with forces such as Israel and the USA. He said that the renaissance in the Islamic world will come when the rulers of Saudi Arabia and UAE are thrown out.

In a series of tweets, Mr Ayyub, who is the brother of well-known journalist Rana Ayyub, shed light on policies of Israel and the USA about the Middle East. “Israel does not want peace for Middle East. It wants the Arabs to fight each other and kill themselves rather than point their guns at Israel. Joe Biden had said, “if there was no Israel they would have created one to keep Arabs in check”. This is not how Arabs were always…” he said.


He further decried persecution of political activists in Saudi Arabia, India and Israel. He said, “Dissidents in SAUDI ARABIA are languishing in jails, political activists like Sharjeel, Umar, Khalid and countless others are languishing in INDIAN jails, thousands of Palestinians are languishing in ISRAELI jails. USA is the biggest ally of them all. It supports tyrants @POTUS.”


Following his tweets, he was trolled by India’s Hindu right-wing elements. Reacting to the same, Mr Ayyub said that it is hilarious to see Sanghi trolls come out in solidarity of Saudi regime apologist trolls. They are the same folks who cheer Zionist Israelis who persecute and uproot Palestinians.

“India under Modi, Saudi & UAE under their sadist rulers and Zionist Israel is an alliance of evil,” he added.

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