Salman’s Westernization of Saudi Society

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By Latheef Farook

A leading English local daily published two articles last month titled “Saudi bans Tabligh Movement” and” How Saudi Arabia combats Islamic terrorism” by columnist P.K.Balachandran.

They were misleading. I sent my response and even spoke to the editor. Up to date my response was not published. This speaks volume for the current state of affairs of media ethics in the island’s highly politicized mainstream media.

Thus turning to electronic media to provide the correct picture to the readers who are, by and large, not familiar with developments in the Middle East, as the mainstream local media depends on the biased western media for its coverage on international affairs.


This is in response to articles in a leading English daily titled Saudi Bans Tabligh Movement and on “How Saudi Arabia combats Islamic terrorism” by columnist P.K. Balachandran.

These articles distort  facts and mislead readers,perhaps, to suit the global anti-Muslim agenda which has penetrated deep into the island’s mainstream media splitting communities to the benefit of local and foreign political forces. 

What the western media on which the local media depends for its coverage on international affairs refuse to disclose is that both the Tablighi Jamaat and the House of Saud promoting Wahabism, were created by the British Imperial Power in the 1920s to distort and weaken Islam.

Tabligh movement was founded in 1926 by Moulvi Ilyas of Mirwai in India to bring Muslims back to the fold of Islam. Since then, for almost a century, there was no record of Tablighi members resorting to any violence anywhere.

This voluntary movement believes in the peaceful preaching of Islam by visiting    house to house, meeting Muslims and explains Islam. They do not believe in conversion.   

India’s late Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru was suspicious of Tabligh

 movement which meet and disperse peacefully.

Nehru dispatched some intelligence officials to find out how they operate. The report prepared said that Tablighis  are the most peaceful people in the planet. They meet to discuss religion. They do not read newspapers and most of them do not use TV at their homes. They live above the sky and below the earth and do not pose any threat to anyone.

However global anti-Muslims forces try to implicate Tabligh movement with violence as it was done by India’s BJP government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was accused of genocide of Guajarati Muslims in February 2001,   declared persona non grata by the west including US and known for his hatred and violence against Indian Muslims.

During March 2020, Prime Minister Modi falsely tried to implicate Tabligh Movement with Corona and the move failed when the court declared that Tabligh gathering in New Delhi ws not responsible for spreading corona .

 In the midst come reports that Saudi Arabia” has banned Tabligh movement.  

This was not a surprise.

Saudi’s tribal, autocratic and  oppressive regime depends on US for its survival .For example former US President Donald Trump said” Saudi regime can’t be in power for two weeks without the support of US. So Saudi regime obediently implement US designs on Islam and Muslim countries for its survival.

In the aftermath of World War 1, Ottoman Empire which ruled the Middle East was defeated and the region was brought under British-French rule.  Makka and Madina  region were under Ottoman governor sheriff Hussein. It was the time British imperial power, together with Zionist Jews, started making all-out effort to create Israel in Palestine  

Sheriff Hussein fiercely opposed the move to create Israel while Abdel Aziz Ibn Al Saud, a minor tribal ruler in Riyadh region first opposed but later supported. Britain and Zionists gave five million Sterling Pounds and weapons to Ibn Saudi to attack Sheriff Hussein .Once Sheriff Hussein was defeated and driven to Aqaba,  Britain and Zionist leaders created House of Saud which rues Saudi Arabia to date.  

Saudi family dictatorship rule the country with two faces-one to the Muslim world projecting as the guardian of Islam while collaborating with US, Britain and Europe in all their conspiracies against Muslims.

Since then Ibn Saud family has been hand in glove with their British and American masters and participated in all wars which destroyed Muslim countries and massacred millions of Muslims. 

For example in the wake of Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979 Saudis got together with US, Europe, Israel and put forward Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to invade Iran. The eight year war, 1980 to 1988, killed more than a million people and destroyed the two countries while US, Europe and Israel flourished in weapons selling.

Saudi collaborated with US-Europe and Israel in the US manipulated Gulf war triggered by Iraqi invasion of Kuwait and the subsequent US led invasion of Iraq and turned the country into killing field. A leading businessman in Bahrain told me Saudi alone had spent US Dollar 70 billion for these wars. I published these details in the Dubai based English language daily Gulf News.

Saudi banned Islamic Brotherhood movement, representing the   teachings of Islam, arrested thousands of its members and sacked 100 imams and preachers who refused to condemn the Muslim Brotherhood.  

In the first ever free and fair elections in 61 years in Egypt, pro Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Morsy was elected president in 2012. Once again Saudi Arabia together with UAE and Kuwait spent 11 billion dollars to create artificial food and fuel shortage leading to mass uprising to topple Morsy’s government and install US-Israeli stooge military tyrant Abdel Fattah Al Sisi in power.

Saudi participated in the US-European and Israeli sponsored wars which destroyed Libya and Syria and driven millions into refugee camps where they languish. Saudis together with UAE invaded and destroyed Yemen killing more than 300,000 Yemenis and causing the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. These killings continue unabated.

Hundreds of religious scholars, human rights groups, journalists, writers, entrepreneurs and women human rights activist were arrested, imprisoned and tortured. This include Bader Al-Rasheed, Suleiman Al-Saehan Al-Nasser, and Wad Al-Mohair, Muse Found Al-Abdul Karim, Abdul Majid al-Malawi and Abdul-Aziz Ale.  

Under the guise of modernization and westernization younger generation has been carefully removed from Islam by organizing fashion shows in the holy city of Madina, Halloween parties, musical shows and women shows all over Saudi Arabia.The latest being December 2021 MDLBeast Soundstorm, one of the largest music festivals in the world in Riyadh.

Ahead of this latest festival, Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a statement saying that “Performers and promoters should use their microphones, stages and screen time to speak out about human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia or refuse to participate in yet another one of Saudi’s reputation laundering schemes.”

The regime has established close ties with Israel and abandoned Palestinians, Jerusalem, Masjid Al Aqsa and turn blind eye to daily Israeli atrocities on helpless Palestinians. Saudi scholar and activist Hala Al Dosari said “As long as they have the US administration in their pocket, they can do whatever they want. We have seen this happen before, but not at this kind of scale. It’s the most oppressive era we have witnessed”.

Saudi abandoned international Muslim issues such as the plight of Muslims in Kashmir, Rohingya in Burma, Uighur in China,  Mindano  in Philippines and  other suffering Muslims worldwide .The Saudi controlled  Organization of Islamic Conference remains virtually dormant.    

Saudi has been a lucrative market for US and European weapons industry .Saudi invested more than 100 billion on purchasing weapons from US alone.

Though Muslims worldwide condemn the policies of Saudi Arabia, no Muslim country wanted to antagonise it due to US and European blind support, its oil wealth and its control over Holy cities such as Makka and Madina.

It was under such circumstance Saudi banned Tabligh movement .Religious figures and Muslims outside the kingdom criticize Riyadh’s move, insisting that it is un-Islamic and inappropriate, especially in the land of the two holy cities of Makkah and Madinah.

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