An end to the occupation and Referendum is the only solution to the Palestinian issue

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Dr. Hossein Amir Abdollahian,

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran

The global Al-Quds Day coincides with the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan, declared by Imam Khomeini on August 7, 1979 as a sign support to the nation and the cause of the Palestinian. This initiative embarked on new steps in solidarity with the people of Palestine. Therefore, the international Al-Quds Day is a unique manifestation of unity among the Muslims to condemn the brutalities, racist and criminal and anti-humanity nature of the usurping Zionist regime. It is, as well, the symbol of resistance.

There is no doubt that the establishment of the illegitimate and forfeited Zionist regime since 1948 has been a major cause of insecurity and instability in the West Asia region. The oppressed and strong people of Palestine,with the help and support of the Muslims and advocates of freedom in the world, have risen up against these cruelties and aggressions and have confused this fake regime with chains of Palestinian Intifada.

During all these years, at least three factors has turned Palestine to become one of the most important issues of the Islamic world: First, the nature of the Palestine land, its sacredness and status among the Muslims; second, the essence of the Zionist enemy, its religious and historical claims, and expansionist and occupancy spirit; third, the nature of West-Israeli coalition that seeks to create discord and disunity among Umma and to weaken this unity. This coalition hopes the Islamic countries still remain dependent to the super powers.

Mass punitive ones, which is the violation of the principle of determining the fate of Palestinians; that is the self-determination principle, blockade of Gaza Strip, the completion of iron wall, expelling and force displacement of more than 5,700,000 Palestinians, assassination of the commanders and members of Jihad movement of Palestine and other Arab and Muslim countries, destruction of agricultural lands in Gaza Strip, attempts to enforce the Judaization of Al-Quds through continuation of  settlement, destruction of Palestinians’ homes, amplifying military-security presence in the East Al-Quds, imposing curfew on the Palestinian people and cancelation of their ID cards, and revocation of permanent residence permit of the Palestinians residing in Al-Quds, which is in blatant contradiction with international laws and agreements, esp., Article 43 of the Hague Convention and Geneva 4th Convention, passing the law of “ Jewish Nation State” at Knesset in 2018, promoting and expanding the settlement, separating the Palestinians residing in West Bank and Gaza Strip, Judaization of the Al-Quds, Golan Heights and Negev, etc. are some savagery measures carried out by the Zionist regime that are not only the root causes of permanent insecurity in the region but also a flagrant violation of the Palestinians’ principle rights. 

While the criminal logic of the child- killer Zionist regime during the past seven decades, has left no outcome but crime, racism and discord in the region, unfortunately, we are witnessing that some of Islamic countries taking a blind eye on these ominous and menacing crimes, are trapped in the West-Zionist axis and committed historical mistake on the framework of the so-called Abraham Pact. Unfortunately, the process of normalization of ties among some Arab and Islamic countries with the Al-Quds occupier regime, has made the Zionist bolder to spread their savagery; the recent desecration of Al- Aqsa Mosque is a sign of this. Undoubtedly, this pact is the West-Zionist satanic and evil plan to spread seeds of discord and division among Islamic countries with the aim of giving the wrong address to the source of permanent threats and insecurity in the region.  

The Zionist regime is the main source of insecurity and threat to international peace and security, and is the major violator of human rights in the world. The Al-Quds occupier regime is the only regime in the region that has dozens of nuclear warheads and has renounced membership in the IAEA and related safeguards.  Contrary to this fact, over the years, the political-military support of Western human rights claimants to the  Zionist regime has continued without any restrictions. For example, we have observed how the Americans, with their double-standard policies, veto resolutions against this regime in the Human Rights Council, UNESCO, and so on. Washington has used the veto right more than 40 times in the interests of the Zionist regime, and this indicates the biased views of Western countries in supporting the Zionist regime and ignoring the rights of the Palestinians. International community, meanwhile, has a major responsibility to end this long silence and to ensure the end of the occupation and the human rights of the Palestinian people.

 Operation Saif al-Quds (Sword of Al-Quds) in support of Al-Aqsa Mosque shocked the fake Israeli regime. In particular, this phase marked a new beginning for Palestinian solidarity in Gaza, the West Bank, the 1948 occupied territories, the Palestinian camps and all Palestinians around the world. The Zionist occupiers and their global supporters must know that the will of the resistance will never be shaken and that the Islamic resistance will continue in its various forms and fronts in support of the oppressed people of Palestine. Undoubtedly, the Islamic resistance against the Zionist occupation and deviation in the occupied territories, Lebanon, Syria and other Islamic countries, will provide the beginning of the end of this deviation and filthy gland. As the Battle of Saif al-Quds showed how high the capacity of the resistance is and is increasing day by day. It is worth mentioning the great commander of the Resistance and Freedom of Holy Quds, Hajj Qassem Soleimani, who with continuous struggle and strategy fertilized and made the seedlings of the resistance so effective that today the resistance movement is the main pioneer and axis of any effective action against Zionism and in defense of the oppressed. The Islamic Republic of Iran, as in the past, will spare no effort to protect the legitimate and usurped rights of the Palestinian people. Based on the political and democratic plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran registered with the UN Secretariat, resolving the Palestinian issue, ending the occupation and holding a referendum with the presence of the main inhabitants of the Palestinian land and all displaced persons is only to determine the task.The return of Palestinian refugees to their homeland and holding a referendum among the noble people of this land to determine the fate and type of political system is the most effective way to resolve this conflict. According to the plan, Muslims, Jews and Christians of Palestinian origin will be able to choose the kind of legal system that governs their destiny and enjoy its rights freely and equally. This plan, which is based on the principles of democracy and international law accepted by all states and nations, can certainly be a good alternative to the previous failed plans. In the end;

I call on all the people of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Muslims of the world, the freedom-seekers and the awakened consciences of the world to express their support and solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine with their glorious presence in the ceremonies and marches of the International Day of Quds, while commemorating this great day.

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Disclaimer: An end to the occupation and Referendum is the only solution to the Palestinian issue - Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not necessarily reflect point-of-view

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