Book on ‘Dying While Muslim’ in Masked Sri Lanka’

by Lukman Harees, Launched in the UK

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Book on ‘Dying While Muslim’ in Masked Sri Lanka’ by UK-based Sri Lankan author, writer and Human Rights activist Lukman Harees, was launched at the Sri Lankan Muslim Cultural Centre (SLMCC)  in Harrow, UK on Sunday 5th December 2021.The book was published by Peoples Rights Group,(PRG),UK  which focusses on human rights issues in Sri Lanka.

This book outlines a comprehensive documentary history of Sri Lanka’s most recent round of the decade-long anti-Muslim hate campaign – the state policy of mandatory cremation of those suspected of dying from COVID-19, which fortunately ended due to an ‘unusual and inspiring coalition of activists, religious institutions and citizens from all of Sri Lanka’s communities, working in tandem with international bodies and Sri Lankan diaspora groups’.It has also been favourably reviewed by an array of leading intellectuals namely – Mr. Alan Keenan, International Crisis Group’s Senior Consultant on Sri Lanka, Dr Nihal Abeysinghe Former Chief Epidemiologist, Ministryof Health, Sri Lanka and General Secretary, National Intellectuals Organization, Sri Lanka, Mr. Mahinda Hattake Chairman, Sri Lankan Journalists for Global Justice, Mr. Latheef Farook Senior Journalist and Prominent Author – Colombo and ShreenSaroora prominent peace and Human Rights Activist -Colombo.

The event was organised by PRG, supported by the umbrella Sri Lankan Muslim organization COSMOS, and the SLMCC. A representative gathering from all communities participated. The keynote address was delivered by Zara Mohammed, Secretary General of Muslim Council of Britain, UK, which played a key role in internationalising the State Sanctioned Forced Cremation Policy of the Government of Sri Lanka.

This book is the seventh book authored by Lukman Harees. He has also authored publications such as ‘Mirage of Dignity in the Highways of Human Progress’ published in the US, ‘Clouding the Crescent in Sri Lanka’ in English , two Sinhala poetic sociological works ‘Thewatha’ and ‘DhurasthaDaknaya’, ‘Wisdom at our Doorstep’ and ‘In Search of our Roots’. He is also a regular writer to many local and international journals.

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Disclaimer: Book on ‘Dying While Muslim’ in Masked Sri Lanka’

by Lukman Harees, Launched in the UK - Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not necessarily reflect point-of-view

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