Muslim world controlled by US, Britain, Europe, Russia and Israel

us russiaBy Latheef Farook

Muslim population worldwide constitute, as per numerous reports, is around 1.62 billion of the more than six billion of the total world population. 

The African continent has the highest Muslim population   compared to the other regions. There are more than 55 countries having Muslim population. However there are around ten countries with   majority Muslim population such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan, Iran and Egypt. Others are small countries like Qatar and Djibouti. 

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Tony Blair, Chilcot Report and the UNP led Government

lf daily mirrorAfter losing more than two dozen elections the United National Party, UNP, was voted to power last year. The entire Muslim community voted for UNP to free themselves from the post-war persecution of Muslims by the Mahinda Rajapaksa regime.

However dismissing Muslim sentiments the UNP led coalition aligned itself, virtually unconditionally with the United States led British, French and Israeli   neo con war mongers who have unleashed, world-wide a barbaric war against Islam and Muslims, destroyed several Muslim countries, killed millions of Muslims, forcing out millions of them into refugee camps and to cross the mighty oceans facing death for hundreds of them in deep waters and the rest finally ending up in European streets as beggars.

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Jewish community hosts iftar banquet for Muslim neighbors

from Daily Sabah  :  

Edirne, a city on Turkey’s European border, on Thursday hosted an outdoor iftar (fast-breaking meal) for the Muslim faithful observing the fasting month of Ramadan. What distinguished this event from other outdoor iftars was its host and location. The Turkish Jewish community, whose members were forced to leave the city in the1930s during the infamous Trakya incidents, held a banquet for Edirne Muslims outside the Great Edirne Synagogue. The synagogue, restored by the government and opened last year, has revived Jewish culture in the city, where only one Jewish family lives, hosting frequent visits from community members from other cities and a lavish wedding last month, the first in decades.

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As refugee numbers soar, aid shortfall suggests the world doesn’t care

by Rob Williams  : 

The world’s humanitarian crisis is about to get worse.  The number of refugees and displaced people is already at a record 60 million – at least half of whom are children, many bombed out of their homes and forced to flee for their lives. There are currently 37 million war-affected boys and girls who are out of school. Add to this the extreme weather events caused by El Nino that are predicted to devastate parts of sub-Saharan Africa before the end of the year, and the sheer scale of humanitarian need feels overwhelming.

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Muslim women‪ are the first to pay the price for Islamophobia in Europe

by Intissar Kherigi  :  

Muslim women are the first to pay the price for Islamophobia in Europe. That was the finding of the first European research report to be conducted on discrimination against Muslim women by the European Network Against Racism, launched in Brussels last week. The report, which covers eight European countries, focused on discrimination in access to employment, education and hate crime.

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USA anti-Muslim groups fund Europe’s israel lobby

pal un flagby Michaellee  :  

The Israel lobby has established a “firm presence in Brussels,” the de facto capital of the European Union, according to a new report. Launched in London on Friday, The Israel Lobby and the European Union details the way many new Israel lobby groups were established in the years following the launch by Palestinians in 2005 of the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement. These include organizations such as the European Friends of Israel (EFI), a group founded within the European Parliament in 2006,

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