Why calling Israel an apartheid state is not enough By Lana Tatour

B’Tselem, a leading human rights group in Israel, recently released a report concluding that Israel is an apartheid state, with a regime of Jewish supremacy stretching from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. The report found that Israel meets the definition of apartheid under international law, which defines apartheid as “inhuman acts …

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Of Sabra-Shatila By Muhammad Ali Siddiqi

IT is impossible not to think of the gruesome Sabra-Shatila massacre 38 years ago, when one sees Israeli and UAE foreign ministers bumping elbows at the Berlin memorial to the Holocaust. Would the Israeli foreign minister, along with any of the Arab leaders, have the courage and decency to visit …

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The UAE’s empire of sand By Khalil al-Anani

Emirati leaders must learn that war and chaos are no longer model foreign policy strategies A tribesman leads camels through the UAE desert in 2013 (AFP) Some time ago, I had a chance meeting with a scholar working for an Emirati think tank, on the sidelines of an academic conference …

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