Palestinian woman’s fierce criticism of Arab dictators

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By Latheef Farook

In a tik tok video clip  a  young  Palestinian woman Naimah Rafiqul  accused   Arab dictators of shameless   betrayal of Palestinians slaughtered by  US-European- Israeli genocide in “Gaza”.

Crying endlessly  she said” Assalamu Alaikum  Saudi Arabia, Jordan,Egypt,United Arab Emirates,Bahrain,Kuwait and other dictators. “ Are you all human beings?  ? Are you all Muslims ? You have no  heart or  shame?    You don’t have an iota of self respect? You have no fear of Allah?

However, remember you are answerable to Allah for  helping US-European-Israeli   massacres of innocent Palestinians and the destruction of their properties besides depriving them of water, food, medicine and electricity since 8 October 2023  and starving people to death during the Holy Month of Ramadan,  she said.

She asked  how can you all call yourselves as Muslim leaders? You are watching as children being bombed into pieces. The  whole world is looking down on Islam because of your shameful behaviour.You have abandoned Islam and Muslims  and even ignored  Allah.

“This massacre should stop immediately, she said.

During the past six months more than 32,000 innocent people were  slaughtered,most of them were women and children. Hospitals, schools, universities, libraries,  mosques, heritage  centres  and all other buildings were destroyed .The entire 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza were thrown into live in open air without  shelter , food and water.

Yet your hearts failed to melt.  Instead, you have become party to the on going slaughter and destruction,she said.

The entire  Muslim world and people with conscious worldwide are watching with great disgust your  treacherous collaboration with  evil and cruel Zionist Jewish  savages’  barbarity .You are  doing this only  to please your American and European masters to remain in power and enjoy   the comforts while continue to   brutalize  people. Thus ended her violent criticism.

The  rot in the ruling circles in the Middle East began a century ago in the aftermath of  World War 1,between July 28, 1914 – November 11, 1918- when the Ottoman Empire which ruled the  Middle East was defeated and Britain  and French colonial powers brought the region under their control.

The two imperial powers divided  Middle East and North Africa (MENA)   which has  21 countries with a population  493 million .

They created  royal families , with a clear message that Islam should only confined to mosques ,to serve their interests . Oppressed people were kept voiceless, poverty stricken and illiterate.These dictators were  corrupt and loot the country’s wealth,  crush  people’s uprising as they had done  during the Arab Spring on 2011 besides  implement US-European and Israeli agenda against the region.

For example pro west   late King Hussein of Jordan, called by the west as the “plucky little king”,  massacred 30,000 Palestinians in September 1970,due to PLO leader  Yasser Arafat’s blunders.

In another development in a free and fair elections  decades ago Algerians voted Muslim party,FIS, to power.France reacted swiftly and crushed the emerging Islamic democratic forces with barbarity and installed a secular dictatorship.

In the Gulf tribal Bedouin chiefs became important in the wake of oil wealth in the  60s. However they   were brought under US and British control.UAE for example destabilize Muslim countries cusing death and destruction.Sudan is the latest victim.

In the case of Saudi Arabia   the Ottoman governor Sheriff Hussein  opposed British-Zionist proposal  to establish   Israel in Palestine.The British-Zionist forces picked up  tribal leader Al Saud from Riyadh, provided weapons, money and manpower to attack and overthrow  Governor Sheriff Hussein and  created the House of Saudi which rules Saudi Arabia  to date.

The control over Holy Mosques in Makka and Madina and the subsequent oil wealth turned  House of   Saud   into a centre of power. Almost a century later today House  of  Saud is  a satellite state of US-Europe and Israel   a  implementing their evil designs  against the region ,Islam and Muslims.

For example the entire west was alarmed  when Islamic revolution came to power in Iran in 1979. The west used Saudi Arabia to persuade Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to invade Iran and trigger the eight year old  Iraq-Iran war which killed more  than  a millions Muslims  and destroyed  the two Muslim countries .The estimated cost of destruction was  around  800 billion dollars.

In another development  in the first ever  free and fair elections in 60 years,   in Egypt  in the wake of the Arab Spring of 2011 , pro Islamic Brotherhood Mohamed Morsy was elected President. The US-Europe,Israel  and Saudi  Arabia were alarmed.They were all out to destroy  the emerging  Islam based democracy in Egypt.

They got Saudi Arabia,Kuwait and the UAE to  spend eleven billion dollars  to topple President Morsy and install in power the  secular butcher of Egyptians   emerging  democracy   Abdel Fattah El Sisi  . He is a willing complicit  in the  on going Israeli   genocide in Gaza.

For his  role in the Israeli genocide of Palestinians  European Union,claiming to promote democracy, freedom ad human rights,  signed   a 7.4 billion-euro ($8.06bn) aid package and an upgraded relationship with Egypt.

Former US President Donald Trump once  said Saudi regime cant be in power for two weeks without the support  of US which has  been  invading and destroying Muslim countries  and killing millions of Muslims ever  since the collapse of former Soviet Union in 1979. Even today US supports Israeli genocide in Gaza with sophisticated  weapons, money and diplomatic support.

Saudi dictatorship has  caused damage to Islam and Muslims. For example they participated in many US-European and Israeli wars against Muslim countries,maintain close relations with Israel,destroyed around 90 percent of valuable Islamic historic sites, imprison renown    Islamic scholars, executed 81 people in a day, opened liquor shops, organize western music and fashion  festivals,imposing restriction during Ramadan , and finally defying divine laws   participate in the forthcoming The Miss Universe pageant   in Mexico.

Prince Salman also announced his plan to  westernize Saudi society under  what he described as moderate Islam  though there is only one Islam   whch was revealed to  humanity through Prophet Muhammed ( Pbuh)  .

Added to these the founder of the Friends of Zion Heritage Centre in Jerusalem Mike Evans announced  in Jerusalem that Saudi Arabia,  UAE  Bahrain,   Morocco and Oman. have been given the Friends of Zion Award  given to people adjudged to have helped Jews and Israel.  According to Evans, “All the nominees will move their embassies to Jerusalem and all the Muslim leaders will make peace with Israel in time.”


This is the shameful reality in the Middle East  where people  seethe  with anger as only Iran backed  Houthis  support Palestinians.Ends  30   March  2024

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