‘Disobey, Boycott IDF’: Israeli Jews Openly Rebel Against Army Amid Gaza War | Haredi Conscription

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is facing a threat of collapse from Haredi Jewish parties…

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India Charged with War Crimes in Gaza [Shocking New Revelations]

Israel hiring Indian Hindu workers to rebuild Gaza for illegal Jewish settlements, which constitutes a war…

War on Gaza: UN special rapporteur accuses Israel of acts of ‘genocide’

Francesca Albanese says Israel has violated three of the five acts listed under the UN Genocide…

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என் கணவரின் குடும்பத்தில் 50 பேரை Isஸ்ரேல் ராணுவம் கொன்றது – காஸாவிலிருந்து இலங்கை வந்த சகோதரி

An interview of a SRI LANKAN Muslim sister married to a Palestinian brother who has returned from Gaza. The interview has been taken at the Palestinian Embassy in Colombo (Tamil)

An interview of a SRI LANKAN Muslim sister married to a Palestinian brother who has returned…

Israeli Ambassador’s Mask Off Moment

“The Blood of Children on Your Hands!”

David Hearst: This war could collapse Israel

People ‘buried alive’ outside Gaza hospital during Israeli raid

Israeli forces are accused of using bulldozers to crush and bury Palestinians alive as they raided…

‘They Stole a Country in Full Bloom’

Pro-Palestinian Israeli activist Miko Peled explains to a Melbourne, Australia audience Thursday how Israel stole Palestinian…

Civil War And More Slaughter: Israel’s Dark Future | Knesset Member Dr. Ofer Cassif

Incredible speech on Gaza!

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