A taste of “Awami ” tyranny in Bangladesh under Sheikh Hasina By Q M Jalal Khan

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One of the great and glorious speeches delivered in unelected Awami Parliament by no other than the heroic, patriotic and nationalist DeshKonnya দেশকন্যা Barrister Rumin Farhana. In a blatant suppression of freedom of speech, which, like the suppression of votes and opposition programs (meetings, assemblies, processions, demonstrations, and all other activities), is a characteristic ‘hallmark’ or ‘trademark’ of this hellish and Hecatine Hasina regime, the loyalist Deputy Speaker expunged Barrister Farhana’s golden speech from the proceedings. But who cares for the mean and myopic Awami buffooneries, shallow and superficial, false and frivolous, petty and paltry as they are? The excellent speech of Rumin Farhana, one of the finest and greatest Daughters of the Land, has gone viral on social media reaching out to millions all across the world for their lasting record and reference.

What follows is that, from the Mujib period of 1972-1975 to the fetid and fascist Hasina times since 2009 – it is like out of the frying pan into the fire, from one party rule to one person rule, from an autocrat on the rise to an awfully brutish autocrat dug in with the help of the police and RAB. Critics have compared the police-dependent Hasina regime by saying that without the force of the politically Awamicized and unpatriotic police/RAB, it is like men without genitals. There are tons of writings and documentaries on the misdeeds and mischiefs committed by both the father-daughter duo, one of the most recent being a YouTube video done by journalist Elias Husain in New York (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltmBhY5mciM).

Socially, politically, and culturally, the weary and weird Hasina era is full of choking, parching, and suffocating smoke on the ground, with the sky of Bangladesh overcast with the darkest clouds ever. The degraded and degenerated Hasina and her crooked cohorts have been threatening and throttling the country’s freedom and independence, not only from within but also from without, with the communal Hindu nationalist and Hindu fundamentalist India exercising its strangulating RAW influence to the fullest extent to fast gobble up Bangladesh with no let up in sight. The doll dance of India’s puppet Hasina to the tune of the Muslim killer Narendra Modi is like the way Kazi Lhendup Dorji also danced only to have his small kingdom of Sikkim taken away by India in 1975.

The case of the present-day Bangladesh under Hasina, who is the evil Ghoseti Begum,  is also very similar to what happened when the great Bengal, through a series of inside-and-outside palace conspiracies and betrayals, lost its independence to the British East India Company’s Robert Clive and William Watts in 1757. During those fateful years, there were many unfaithful Hindus who, like today’s high density of Hindus under Hasina, held key influential positions in the Nawab’s Government, side by side with many unfaithful Muslim relatives. Those Hindus were all rich bankers, merchants, political advisers, royals, and high-ranking military commanders. Mention may be made of Swarupchand Jagatsheth (who was the main betrayer), his brother Mahtab Chand, Umichand, Raja Rajballav (Chief Manikchand, Deputy Chief Raidurlov), Nandakumar, Krishnachandra Rai Chowdhury of Nadia, Rani Bhabani of Natore, Maharaja of Kashimbazar, Dewan Ramjibon,  and Bhikhanlal Pandey of Dhaka and Narayanganj. Except a few, most of these leading Hindu beneficiaries of Muslim administration turned against the Nawab and conspired with the British against him. It is they who betrayed the Nawab the most. Without their treachery, others such as Mir Jafar, Miron, Mir Qasim, and Yar Lutuf Khan could not succeed.

Using the all-enveloping and all-devastating support of the Hindu ‘Zionist’ India, which has taken control of all the key affairs of Bangladesh, Hasina has deformed and demonized herself into a small but brutal dictator and ruthless tyrant tearing up the nation and all its institutions into their decomposing rags and pieces, particularly since 2009. Described by talk show participants as a ‘Matarani Mafia Queen’, Hasina has taken the country backward into the infamous Tower of London, Gitmo, and Abu Ghraib torture cells and execution chambers. The country has become a Soviet-style gulag labor camp used against her popular democratic opponents. Like the post French Revolution violence under Robespierre, there is a reign of Awami ‘guillotine’ terror going on in Hasina’s police and prison state. There is an ongoing bloody Awami ‘Khmer Rouge cultural revolution’ of massacres and killing fields, as was the case with the ‘ideological’ cleansing purges in China and Indochina in 1960s and 1970s. Hasina’s Bangladesh is a fertile ground where secret police, death squads and disappearances flourish as they did in Reza Shah’s Iran during those times (1960s and 1970s), and Leopoldo Galtieri’s Argentina in early 1980s.
The regressive and retrograde Hasina has imposed divisive and detrimental Berlin walls all across the country, instead of building the wonderfully protective and patriotic ‘Wall of China’ to safeguard its sovereignty from the swallowing and despoiling Indian elephant. A treacherous tigress like Shakespeare’s Goneril and Regan (in King Lear), the hyena in Hasina has left no institution, be it state, business, political, educational, or cultural, free from being diminished, distorted, and demented. The ‘I’ in Hasina and the ‘we/us’ in her heinous Awami gangs have ‘otherized’ the country into the ‘you’ and ‘they’ of the 170 million-strong population. Despite being vastly popular, the ‘other’ is helpless and useless to encounter the fascist onslaughts of the regime, which is as utterly corrupt, fascist, despotic, autocratic, authoritarian, bloody, beastly, vindictive, venomous, poisonous and deadly as what beggars description, above and beyond delineation and demonstration.

The horribly ruling Hasina is already more than an age into her mafia-style, colonial ‘permanent settlement’ style, pharaonic dynasty style and medieval manorial style reign. In her macabre monstrosities, misdeeds and mischiefs, and the dystopian disasters she has caused to the country, Hasina is worse and more dangerous than North Korea’s Kim, Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega, Cambodia’s Hun Sen. Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad, Iraq’s Saddam, Libya’s Gaddafi, Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak and Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi, Tunisia’s Zein Al-Abedin, Sudan’s Omar-al Bashir, Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, former East Germany’s Erick Honecker, Rumania’s Nicolai Ceausescu, Cambodia’s Pol Pot, and Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines. A concentrated dose of evil incarnate in the form of Awami ‘Nazism’, pretentious and petulant Hasina has been committing Awami ‘holocaust’ to her political opponents. Critics of the awfully Modi-fied and Hindutva-indoctrinated Awami personality cult creating hundreds of totem figures in the likes of Mujib and Hasina face ‘gas chamber’ remands, detentions, disappearances, and imprisonments, many of them dying in custody of inhuman physical torture, isolation, loneliness, privation, and deprivation.

A spate of recent publications bears evidence that Bangladesh, under Awami terror and tyranny, has become a safe haven for corruption, oppression, repression, and persecution. The publications provide a reliable and authentic narrative of the political situation in Bangladesh under the iron curtain of the heavy handed fascist Awami regime led by the horrific and horrendous Hasina. The mean and monolithic Hasina has imposed a horribly burdensome rule upon the nation with the instrument of her most hated and feared “Gestapo”-and-“SAVAK”-type police force consisting of Panama Papers elements (such as the Hasina lackey Benzir Ahmad) from her greater Gopalganj and other Hindu Gopals. In her cruelties she is also aided by a slavish, servile, and passive army, which under the anti-state influence of India and business corporation-like mercantilism, has lost all its military character now buried under the bunker.

Apart from the police and the military, all other state organs, entities, institutions and organizations also—parliament/legislature, cabinet of ministers, bureaucracy, election commission, public service commission, judiciary, planning commission, banks and businesses, directorates and stock exchanges, office of the President, office of the Speaker, and office of the Prime Minister – all have been politicalized into a set of crude and coarse Awami gopals and buffoons, who, in the manner of former Awam-BAKSALi-MujibBahini-RakkhiBahini outfits and outlets, accompany Hasina the way the fools, though in a way wise, do their kings and dukes in Shakespeare’s plays.
With billions stolen, elections rigged, hundreds of thousands of people remanded, imprisoned, killed and abducted, freedom of speech/expression in all forms, including creative arts like cartoons snatched away, no words, however loaded they may be, can adequately describe the misdeeds and mischiefs committed by Hasina in her gulag state. No criticism is strong and scathing enough to describe the fascist Hasina bent upon destroying the Muslim country of Bangladesh in all its values and ideals, and its democratic politics, human rights and religious culture. As has been pointed out by the author in the book, Bangladesh: Political and Literary Reflections on a Divided Country (p. 162), Hasina has had “many young men and women unjustly locked up, as it happens in a totalitarian regime, for their fun and freedom of posting creative and expressive comments and pictures of her and her father. Is she a royal Sultana or a Queen or an Empress or a Tsarina that she cannot be criticized? Is she the Supreme Ayatollah of Bangladesh, or like the Emperor of Japan, Agong of Malaysia, or the King of Thailand that she cannot be criticized by any means, including artistic sketches and expressions?
Only God/Allah the Almighty and His prophets are above criticism. In fact, even an emperor like Napoleon used to be a common and constant target of criticism through satirical drawings and caricatures by the famous artists of the time, such as James Gillray of England. Napoleon said that caricaturist Gillray contributed more to his downfall in 1815 than all the armies of Europe. In his more than 1,000 etchings of caustic humor, Gillray courageously caricatured monarchs, politicians, and warlords, including the Prince of Wales (later King George IV of the UK) and the young British Prime Minister William Pitt, apart from his most famous subject, which was of course the young French emperor.”So, the thinking, reflective, observing, and rationally oriented people say, hell with the horrible and horrendous Hasina regime. They double down saying, down with the Awami regime, which is corrupt to the core, fascist to the extreme, tyrannical from top to bottom. The hyena in Hasina is a Modi-fied Indian stooge, Hinduized puppet, vote dakat (dacoit/robber), illegal occupier of the state seat and power grabber by force turning the country into a dull and drab dictatorship, unleashing state terrorism right and left, and having billions looted, smuggled and unaccounted for. Hasina must be held responsible for every penny stolen, every vote rigged, every person disappeared, every opposition or innocent person imprisoned, every act of political suppression, every person beaten/hacked/slashed to death, every person dead in police custody, ever person killed at home or outside with the killer still at large, every massacre committed with national and international conspiracy, every anti-state step taken at home, and every anti-state agreement made with the communal and sectarian India.
Awami fascists led by their sole supremo Hasina have been forcibly and illegally holding on to power since 2009 as they have been stealing elections as massively as their lootings and plunderings of state monies are humongous. Beastly brutes of the Awami axis or otherwise under the Awami shelter and support have been killing, torturing, and abducting innocent people; and raping women of all ages day in and day out as much as they rape their own country by destroying all its institutions and its entire moral fabric for 13 years now. Fascist Hasina has been reigning supreme as she has been politically and economically devouring and scavenging Bangladesh with her jungle rule for the last 12-13 years.

The ongoing Hasina fascism. her state terrorism, her swooping down on the popular and patriotic opposition in the same way as does the fox on the lamb at any excuse (however remote or improbable that may be), her bending and bowing to Indian hegemony, and her daily age-old abhorrent and abominable atrocities as far as oppression, persecution, discrimination, and corruption are concerned know no limits. Under Hasina, Bangladesh has become a fertile ground for all democratic and freedom loving writers to write their bitter protests, satires and dystopias about Hasina the tyrant and her all-out tyranny: let there be a Jonathan Swift to write another Gulliver’s Travels (with the Awami Hasina men as small and small-minded as the Lilliputians and the Zia-Khaleda men as big and broad-minded as the Brobdingnagians); a Shelley to write another A Mask of Anarchy; a Nazrul to write another Bidrohi; an Arthur Koestler to write another Darkness at Noon; a George Orwell to write another Animal Farm and another 1984; an Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn to write another Gulag Archipelago; and a Margaret Atwood to write another Handmaid’s Tale, for example.

There are many alternatives to this strangulating Awami police/RAB ferocity, totalitarian tyranny and choking and suffocating fascism. Either a powerful movement led by the opposition alliance to topple the regime, or a patriotic military take over towards a peaceful return to democracy, or a direct free and fair election under a neutral national or international body for the people to decide without fear or favor, without outside influence, hindrance or interference. Very simple.
The Awamis are the only stumbling blocks; they are a bunch of thugs; they are a past master in thuggery and hooliganism persecuting the people in a pharaonic manner. The only solution is a direct clean impartial and participatory election for the people to decide freely and widely. Hasina the fascist must go as the first order of business towards the restoration of democracy and normalcy. The entire nation should join together in combating fascism and state terrorism unleashed by Hasina with the help of her lord and master and savior and protector Hindutva India which, like the Zionist Israel in relation to some countries, has turned Bangladesh into a slavish and servile vassal state. Bangladesh must, therefore, be rescued from the Indianized and Hinduized Awami crooks and clowns.

As just been said, the main stumbling block to Bangladesh’s return to sense and sanity and balance and stability is the nuisance that is the Awami fascism destroying the country in all its institutions for years now. Regardless of whoever comes to power, the country needs to be brought back on track for which it needs a free and fair and credible election in the first place. It needs an Islamically oriented democratic tradition to be established before the close of day. Let the political parties or alliances come to power by turns. Let everyone have a chance to contribute, let the Awami-led corruption and repression be stopped and let’s have honesty and sincerity and integrity and patriotism back in place to play their part functioning well and ensuring accountability and transparency at every level. The horribly Indianized and Hinduized Hasina, baneful and belligerent and malicious and malevolent as she is, has completely destroyed the nation and the society. Her fascist course of action needs to be reversed in no time and the country must be taken back from under her yoke. The whole nation must shoulder a responsibility to do so. The people cannot just idly watch the country of their birth go down the drain like that under the clutches of crippling Awami control. They must do their part and get united to build a greater future together
Every government, democratic or dictatorial, does something good in terms of development and general welfare during its rule for whatever period, with the fascist governments like Hasina’s lasting longer, the worst and most fascist, ruling since 2009. That development should not count or compensate for the totalitarian destruction of values, systems, and institutions committed by a fascist government. Such a government, like the one in the Hasina regime, is bent upon hoodwinking people, legitimizing its humongous corruption by allowing the corrupt to whiten their black money by means of a token sum in taxes, widespread smuggling, massive election rigging, overwhelming thuggery, and full and complete annihilation of the entire social, moral and political fabric of the country. As if she is licking her own wounds, dry and drab Hasina the fascist is wallowing and swallowing all her persecution, oppression, tyranny, torture, strangulation, abduction and imprisonment of the people of Bangladesh for years. All the devilish, dastardly, shitty and sluttish means by which the monstrous dictator Hasina brought all branches of the government to their knees are absolutely repugnant and reprehensible, abhorrent and abominable. Longevity of a government, especially when it is fascist and corruption-ridden, cannot be a factor for the cause of development, which under such an illegal and illegitimate government is already tainted, defective, dented and demented.

The so-called development actually means a floodgate for such an awfully autocratic government to resort to corruption, corrosive and calamitous as it is all the way. In the Western and Asian democracies, governments last for 4 to 8 years at a time, then to be replaced by another democratically elected new government, but they are still the most highly developed in every sense of the term called peaceful, lasting, harmonious development not just relatively but largely free from corruption. While corruption and repression are the main negative factors (an abundance of which fantastically populates the horribly ruling Hasina regime), honesty, transparency, accountability, and the rule of law are the main positive criteria for the overall upward mobility of a nation. These positive elements are conspicuous by their utter and chronic absence in the rogue Hasina regime, which needs to be toppled by all means. Bangladesh needs to be on the necessary reverse gear to curb and control the Hasina hooliganism and authoritarianism and be taken back on the main track to let it be a member of the family of nations in the civilized world.

We are in 2021 when anything that is applicable to the West can also be applicable to Bangladesh, a part of the global village, where there is no dearth of money, men, education and modern technology–from the smartest mobile phones to Mercedes-Benz to Mitsubishi Pajeros to BMWs to all kinds of SUVs to 5-star hotels and high-rise buildings with many in possession of their (black and corrupt) mega millions to billowing billions. So, why shouldn’t there be a culture and tradition of democratic freedom, fairness, transparency and accountability and rule of law? Why can’t the monstrously massive corruption and election rigging and oppression and repression under the naughty Hasina and her nasty regime be brought to book? Our children born on the cutting edge of technology, from the late 1980s/1990s onwards, know amazingly better than we did in our time (when we were their age). Similarly, Bangladesh born in the modern times of fantastic political progress should have been ahead of many old democracies, instead of being far behind with the ugly head of horrible hyena Hasina fascism creeping and crawling and climbing to the top, to the point of destroying the country morally and politically and economically. Let there be a drastic change to bring Bangladesh back from ‘below-zero-minus’ to ‘zero’ to ‘above-zero-plus.’

Hasina is the worst woman in the history of Bangladesh. Everything is going abysmally bad under her hissing hood and that of her regime. People of Bangladesh got to fight her back as hard as possible by demolishing the big and baseless myths she is propagating in all fields, from politics to parliament to economy to development to education to elections to the number of the war dead to the Awami creation of a cult hero. The diseased body politic of the nation under her needs to be duly vaccinated and administered antibiotic through a mass movement of millions getting out and taking control of Dhaka streets and marching on to Gonobhabon that has been defiled and desecrated by the goliath in Hasina. Her coal black rule will not take any other hue. It is beyond description in terms of all kinds of social and political misdeeds and mischiefs that are countless and boundless with no end in sight.
As fascistically dictated and determined, the Hasina years are replete with daily occurrences of dirty works and incidents. They are both topless and bottomless in terms of rape, corruption, repression, discrimination, persecution, terror, tyranny, election rigging, enforced disappearances, loot and smuggling, absence of rule of law and lack of social justice—all recklessly let loose with no bounds and barriers, to the total and complete destruction and demolition of the entire moral, social and political fabric of Bangladesh that was in the making, through error and trial though, during the period of 1975-2006.

One of the means to fight her is to start a campaign through a Radio Free Bangladesh organization (in the manner of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty that used to be directed at the Soviet iron curtain over Eastern Europe and that are still directed at countries with no free press and free flow of information). The program may broadcast strongly worded hard hitting Chorom Patro (extreme/radical letters), in the manner of M R Akhtar Mukul in 1971, with the intention of toppling the fascist Hasina and directly calling upon the military to swoop down upon her and the masses to take to the streets.

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