Western media worked overtime to demonize

Taliban to hide US European war crimes.

Pro govt Indian Media demonize Taliban in full swing By Latheef Farook

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A senior Taliban leader has lashed out at western   media for demonizing Taliban by repeatedly reminding people of its oppression and ill treatment of women during its previous regime between 1996 until the 2001. The western media hides US European war crimes on Afghanistan by highlighting Taliban’s past.

Western media was joined by the pro Hindutva   media which has unleashed a very well-orchestrated campaign frightening people that Taliban is going to introduce terrorism all over India and south Asia. However they failed to highlight the BJP government’s ongoing atrocities on Indian Muslims .On top of all BJP Prime Minister Narendra Modi was declared persona non grata by US and Europe and many other countries for committing genocide on Gujarati Muslims in February 2002.

Modi government’s atrocities towards Indian Muslims remains an ongoing program.

Western and Indian media campaign began ever since the dramatic takeover of the Afghanistan by Taliban and the defeat of United States on 15 August 2021.

US European crimes in Afghanistan  covers  indiscriminate arrest, torture and killing of hundreds of thousands of civilians, bombing, killing, maiming and crippling innocent men, women and children, killing bread winners and destroying families and creating orphans, orphaned children and the destruction of a society and its culture built over centuries.

According to numerous independent reports US has killed more than a million Afghans during the 20 year occupation of Afghanistan.

There are thousands of orphans in Afghanistan. Some of them forced to watch as their parents, relatives, or friends were manhandled, raped or killed. These children are   exploited by diverse   groups.

 The unjust and indiscriminate killing of innocent people by the US and Britain  caused even the United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan to openly emphasise the dire need to define, with moral clarity, what terrorism is, and urged world leaders to agree on a universal definition on terrorism. 

Meanwhile citing Abdul Qahar Balkhi, a leading member of the Taliban’s Cultural Commission, columnist Anjuman Rahman stated in his article, that the mainstream western media has been giving hostile coverage despite senior Taliban officials declaring a general amnesty for all citizens, including government and security workers.

He blamed the US for the chaotic scenes at Kabul’s Airport.  “The US continues to push the ‘Hollywood’ image of America and false promises of prosperity or greener pastures on the other side. And as most people of Afghanistan live below the poverty line due to   four decades of foreign occupation and imposed war, many naturally want to move outside in pursuit of improved livelihoods.”

News from Afghanistan has for years shown a gravely oppressed state liberated by US soldiers in 2001 to legitimize an external intervention. Meanwhile, the United Nations warns Afghanistan is on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe, as the country faces a worsening economic crisis and a devastating drought.

The US spent $2.26 trillion on its war in Afghanistan… However, the majority of those funds, nearly $1.5 trillion, was spent on maintaining the US occupation, dropping tens of thousands of bombs and missiles on Afghans. 

 “Of course when the media is funded by a particular group, they will promote their pay masters’ agendas,” he adds, accusing it of portraying the Taliban as an “evil force.  

According to Abdul Qahar “the US failed to attain its main objective for the people of Afghanistan; Western democracy.  The idea of Western democracy in Afghanistan was a “farce” from the very beginning, as it wasn’t practical, nor sustainable for the majority who rejected all its concepts that were in conflict with Islamic laws.

 Abdul Qahar concluded with a promise: “We are optimistic that all have learnt lessons from the long years of war and ruin. We are encouraging all to leave the past where it belongs and look forward towards the future.  

Invasion of Afghanistan was the beginning of US led wars on Muslim countries

The US war on Afghan was a racket based on sheer lies and deception to implement the evil agendas of US weapons industry, corporate conglomerates and contractors. For example in the aftermath of the 9/11 bombings and killings in the World Trade Centre New York and Pentagon in Washington, then  President George Bush Junior accused, within 24 hours,  al Qaeda  of committing this crime .Within 27 days he blackmailed the world and invaded Afghanistan  on 11 September 2001.

It was later proved that Bush exploited the shocked nation’  to implement America’s pre-planned designs to topple regimes and install puppet leaders  to redesign the Middle East to suit their agendas. Invasion of Afghanistan was first in the agenda which later destroyed Kuwait, Iraq, Libya and Syria and brought untold misery to their people. More than 40 million in refugee camps.

Bush also exploited the opportunity to launch his global war on terrorism striking   at the very root of political, military, economic, financial, social, religious and cultural life of Muslims worldwide.

Under the guise of “hunting down terrorists”, the hysteria created was such that even to suggest that the 9/11 attacks were a response to American policies in the Arab and Muslim world was met by the US with outrage and condemned as “unpatriotic”,  “treacherous”, or as “appeasement” of terrorism.


This campaign continues unabated to date demonizing Islam and Muslims invading and destroying Muslim countries while slaughtering Muslims besides driving others to refugee camps.

Post Disclaimer

Disclaimer: Western media worked overtime to demonize

Taliban to hide US European war crimes.

Pro govt Indian Media demonize Taliban in full swing By Latheef Farook - Views expressed by writers in this section are their own and do not necessarily reflect Latheefarook.com point-of-view

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