Winter has come for Afghanistan

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A woman walks down at a path during a cold winter day in Fayzabad of Badakhshan province on Jan. 18. (Omer Abrar/AFP/Getty Images)

For much of the past year, the West’s policymakers and analysts were possessed by one haunting question: How bad will Europe’s winter be? Energy prices on the continent surged because of the war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russia’s energy industry. The prospect of a deep cold spell as European governments rationed gas supplies conjured images of a bleak winter from Lviv to London, with industry going dark and pensioners scavenging for firewood.


Instead, parts of the continent recently experienced record warm temperatures, which lowered energy demand and allowed national utility companies to fill their natural gas storage facilities to the brim. The worst did not come to pass: Russia’s leverage over Europe did not perceptibly grow, nor did public fatigue over Europe’s commitment to Ukraine’s war effort dent the resolve of its national governments.

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