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India and Bangladesh are extensively engaged in Golden jubilee Independence Day celebrations of Bangladesh. Indian hegemony has overshadowed Bangladeshi leadership who sing to the tune of Modi led hate incitement. India is also fueling its hate for Pakistan in to the minds and hearts of Bangladeshi masses through reigniting twisted and fabricated ills of 1971.

Month of March is a very important in history of Pakistan. It was in March that Pakistan resolution was adopted back on 23rd March 1940, when Sher-e-Bangal AK Fazl-e-Haq, a renowned politician from Bengal moved historic resolution. Pakistan resolution is considered as one of the most important mile stone which we the Pakistani celebrates as Pakistan Day.

Contributions by the leaders of Bangal have been pioneering and phenomenal in Pakistan movement and form a great chapter of our history. All India Muslim League, party which championed cause of Pakistan itself was formed in Dhaka in 1906.

Leaders of Bengal like Nawab Sir Saleem Ullah, Hussain Shaheed Suharwardy, A.K Fazlul Haq, Moulvi Tamizuddin among several other from part of glorious history of our struggle for Pak.

Tale of events after Pakistan came into being is comprised of a mix of genuine, perceived and exploited misunderstandings and ill addressed concerns between People of East Pakistan now Bangladesh and what constitutes Pakistan today.

Bangladesh and Pakistan stand today as two Predominantly Muslim independent sovereign states pursuing their own ideas and way forward. However, even the shared History, dominant religious and cultural ties could not be repair the bitterness of the events which surrounded 1971 and creation of Bangladesh.

A careful look at the sorrow state of present affairs exposes most existing misunderstandings stemming out of role of India as powerful hegemon of Sub-continent. India figures out as common factor in physical isolation of Pakistan and Bangladesh from 1971 to date.

Most contentious between Pakistan and Bangladesh have been decided and settles once and for all through tripartite Delhi Pact signed on April 9, 1974 between Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. The pact expressed satisfaction on all issues pertaining to Prisoners of war, recognition of Bangladesh and official apology etc. These matters have not been questioned for decades unless dominated propaganda reignited the spark.

Indian role has been seen differently in Bangladesh but the fact of the matter stays that today’s Bangladesh has been separated only because of Indian conspiracies, though addressable genuine fault lines also existed.

Even today BJP led Hindutva dominated Government is behaving no differently from congress Indira Gandhi led Govt of 1971. By instigating Bangladesh to reengage in blame and allegation game and gestures Modi’s Hindutva agenda is engaging in grand celebrations of Golden Jubilee of 1971 fall of Dhaka.

Bangladesh today as an independent country has every right to celebrate her Indian provided independence but scratching own scars, self-pity attitude and re-traumatizing own nation cannot help a nation embark upon to solve problems of Poverty, deprivation and divide in the Bangladeshi Nation. Leadership must use its wisdom and embark upon forgive and forget policy as promised by their founding father Sheikh Mujib and expressed in 1974 Delhi Agreement.

1971 war was fought by three sides with varying objectives. Pakistanis fought for the genuine and universally granted right to preserve and protect integrity and security of united Pakistan. India fought for dismemberment of Pakistan while Bangladesh advantaged to get independence.

A lot of blame game is aired as rhetoric on ills committed by warring sides? Useless discussion has already consumed enough energies of South Asian region. However, most dominant accounts emanating from India and through her influence form Bangladesh fact merit as very less is based on well researched accounts.

Independent researchers like Sarmila Bose in her extremely well documented and thoroughly researched account “Dead reckoning” most exaggerated tales related to war events. Sorry tales of war ridden mindset and objectives as discussed earlier contributed to ill events committed by all sides are regrettable and should not be repeated at any other forum.

Pakistan has learned her lesson however only time will tell when will Bangladesh get out of Indian hegemonic influence and hate incitement policies. Indian acts like NRC and CAA are also haunting Bangladesh which watches Indian anti-Muslim policies with sheer uncertainty as entire world condemns Modi led Hindutva campaign.

It is time for Bangladesh to realize that Indian hate towards Pakistan is Muslim Centric and it will not restrict only to Pakistan and would soon engulf India as well.

Bangladesh and Pakistan have unique opportunity to explore new economic benefits offered to both in their respective engagements with China. Bangladesh can greatly benefit from joining CPEC and other regional forums for enhanced market share in Central Asia and China, provided it gets out of the shade of hate incitement policies of Modi led Hindutva trap.

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