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The creation of Bangladesh is one of the most sensitive & tragic chapters in history of Pakistan. Several myths have been propagated by Indians and Bangladeshis regarding the 1971 War which are contrary to the real facts. War of Bangladesh was a conspiracy hatched against Pakistan with both domestic and foreign elements chipping in. India violated all international norms and charters to intervene illegally in neighboring country. It was myopic political decision making and not military misadventure that led to the creation of Bangladesh. Geography was not kind to Pakistan in pre-71 shape. The brutality narrative by Bangladesh is mere mythical casted in vagueness and not supported by stats by independent analysts. West Pakistan does accepts its failure in handling responsibility as a big brother. Two nation 2 state theory transformed in to two nation three state theory.

Some of these myths include the killing of three million Bengalis and rape of Bengali women by Pakistan’s Armed Forces, fabrication of Agartala conspiracy case by West Pakistan, exploitation of East Pakistan by West Pakistan in terms of its politico-economic decisions, 93,000 prisoners of war (POWs) and justified Indian support & intervention in East Pakistan in 1971. These myths have not only damaged the repute and image of Pakistan globally but have also spawned anger within the Pakistani themselves. A military operation with the name of “Operation Searchlight” was launched by Pakistan Army to curb the civil unrest in East Pakistan in which Biharis supported Pakistan’s military by joining paramilitary forces to restore law and order situation in East Pakistan and to save civilian population from the cruelties of Indians and Mukti Bahini. Bihari community suffered a lot and an estimated 5 lacs of their community members were killed by Indo-Mukti forces as a revenge.

Due to Indian Propaganda; an exaggerated figure of 93,000 Pakistani soldiers becoming POWs is most commonly propagated however, the actual number was 34,000 in addition to 11,000 police, randers, scouts and militias which makes a total figure of about 45,000 uniformed POWs. Rest were civilians from West Pakistan caught up during the war. Sharmila Bose in her book Dead Reckoning also confirms the facts. A real genocide took place in East Pakistan. Non Bengalis and Biharis were massacred at the hands of Mukti Bahini and Indian forces, however; it was portrayed to be done by Pakistan Army. Pakistani forces fought in East Pakistan, for almost nine long months under adverse environment and in worst situation. Pakistani forces were fighting to keep the Pakistan united against 5 times’ larger enemy without heavy equipment, surrounded by the enemy on three sides and Indian dominated Gulf of Bengal on the fourth side. However, due to deeply rooted Indian overt and covert support and its physical involvement; East Pakistan was lost. Sacrifices made by Pakistan’s armed forces and civil society in 1971 need to be honored and widely projected. Heroes of Pakistan should be respected who fought for the honor, dignity and unity of Pakistan.

The introduction of fifth-generation warfare by social media through the creation of ideological disorientation, myths and propaganda to defame Pakistan and its institutions is a newfangled strategy adopted by Indian in addition to conventional acts of terrorism conducted by it, all across Pakistan. Facts of the 1971 war need to be presented objectively to highlight conspiratiors of the East Pakistan tragedy, Indian support to Awami League and Mukti Bahini, to create chaos and instability in East Pakistan. The unfortunate incident was result of misunderstandings, misinterpretations coupled with a malintended Indian intervention. The narrative of the events in East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) is offensively exaggerated in a bid to twist and hide the facts. The narrative of brutality and rapes by Pak Army are falsely generated (one million rapes by an army of about 25-30 thousand which was deployed mostly on borders). In essence, thousands of rapes and murders were carried out by Mukti Bahini & Indian Army portraying themselves to be Pak Army personal, Many military and their families lost their lives due to mutiny by Bangali troops.

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