BJP Hindu Card Destabilize Sir Lanka and Nepal

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Right from the beginning India the so called secular country with fake entity of the largest democracy of the world has been creating serious troubles for all the neighbouring countries especially, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

The Indian National security doctrine and compulsion of its expansionist foreign policy staged heinous crimes against humanity, weaker factions of the society and introduced new shape of ethnic genocide with socio – economic and geopolitical orientation even in its country. So there have been series of ethnic killings, riots and sabotage activities around so called shining India. Shining India has been resting on its roads, parks, slumps and suicidal preferences.

Indian crimes against humanity are too long to share in one article. It has been naked dances of evil powers having obsession of unlimited power of destruction and genocide. Samjhota Express (2007), Gujarat (2002) and Delhi riots (2019), CAA/ NRC (2019) Annexation of J&K (2019), State authoritarian tactics against Nagaland Christians and ongoing Farmers protest clearly testify India’s poor record of Human Rights.

India remains a hegemonic regional state with national policies to unduly interfere in neighboring countries through coercion, blockades, or proxy wars e.g. East Pakistan (1971), Sri Lanka (1980s to 90s), Maldives (1988), Pakistan (2008 till to date), Nepal (2015 to 2020) and Bhutan 2017.

Banning Amnesty International and many other international and domestic organizations for reporting Human Rights Violations in IIOJK defines today’s brutal India, Defying all UN resolutions, India has virtually converted IIOJK to the largest open air prison in the world (with thousands of people gone missing, killed on mere suspicion, sexual misconducts, financial squeezing of locals and a state organized programme to change demography of the region).

In this context, the government of Pakistan’s recently issued Dossier of Indian Terrorism, KulbhushanYadav, reports by UNSC, HRW, US Treasury establish direct correlation to expose Indian linkages (financing and sponsoring) with regional and extra-regional terror Organizations and wide ranging Human Rights Violations.

India under Modi is also using virtual cyber-crimes to malign and target neighboring and regional states e.g. facts unearthed by EU “Disinfo Lab” report, maligning Arab states on criticizing disrespectful social media campaign by Hindu against Islam, targeting US Administration / celebrities for highlighting Farmers Protest etc, India continue to play the peace spoiler role in Afghan Peace Process and triggers regional instability by irresponsible acts and policies e.g false flag in Pulwama, Balakot Incident, Incursions in Laddakh during stand-off with China, proxy war by supporting and financing sub-national and terrorists (MQM-L, BLA, BRA, SAATH Forum, world Sindhi Congress and Voice of Karachi etc.).

Indian also disturbs international norms by using water as a weapon and conspires to damage economic interests of neighboring counties, Moreover, India also stands criticized for adversely impacting cohesion of regional cooperation Organizations e.g SCO, SAARC and BRICS.

With notorious record of Human Rights Violations, regional peace disturbances India remains among world top defense equipment, weapons and ammunition importer at the cost of investing in human welfare of its people

Modi, on February 14, reiterated that Tamils of Sri Lanka will not be left alone and India will always push Sri Lanka to fulfill demands of Tamil, India could not withstand farmers getting moral support from other countries but want to poke neighbors. BJP is playing Hindu card in Sri Lanka and Nepal.

Samagi Jana Balawegaya, (Opposition alliance of Sri Lankan political parties) National Organization viewed that expanding the BJP’s footprint and establishing its rule in Sri Lanka would be a bad influence. On his part, Sri Lankan election commission’s chairman NimalPunchihewa has dampened any possibility of BJP opening a unit in the Island nation.

Nepal has taken exception to a statement by Biplab Kumar Deb, CHIEF MINISTER OF Tripura state in which Deb quoted India’s Home Minister Amit Shah as saying that the BJP would soon form its government in Nepal. We were talking in the state guest house when Ajay Jamwal (North East zonal Secretary of BJP) said that BJP has formed its government several states of India, in reply Shah said, Now Sri Lanka and Nepal is left, Deb said quoting Shah. “WE HAVE TO EXPAND THE PARTY IN Sri Lanka, Nepal and win there to form a government”.

CPI (M) leader and former Member of Parliament Jitendra Chaudhary said that Amit Shah’s statement as claimed by Deb, amounted to India’s interference in internal affairs of a foreign country. Said that the home minister was engaged in a “State conspiracy against Nepal ant the evidences was given by no less than by a person holding a constitutional post in the state. Chaudhary said that Deb’s statement cannot be take casually and demanded a response from the BJP top leadership, including PM Modi.

The Indian National Congress, the primary opposition of India, also protested the statement of Tripura chief minister, Such foolish claims by people like these, the party said in a tweet with the image of Deb, “ Our country’s relations with neighboring countries have reached a new low”. Meanwhile, the SAARC countries should condemn Indian machinations to create chaos in neighboring countries. Source from agencies

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