500 female students from IIOJK undergo harrowing experience during educational tour in Mumbai hotel

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Jammu: In a distressing turn of events, 500 girl students from Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir encountered a disturbing experience during their educational tour in Mumbai city of India.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the students hailing for hailing from Katra area of Jammu region who were on an educational excursion faced a series of alarming incidents during their stay at the Royal Palms Hotel in Goregaon.

Professor Rajesh Singh, who accompanied the students, shed light on the unsettling conditions they encountered.

The hotel, infamous due to previous incidents involving a sex racket and recent police raids, provided inadequate facilities and failed to maintain even basic hygiene standards. Reports said that the hotel rooms were unclean, with stained sheets and unsatisfactory amenities, leaving the girls dismayed and distressed.

The situation escalated during dinner when the hotel staff seemingly orchestrated a deliberate power outage, plunging the dining area into darkness for nearly half an hour. Investigations revealed the deliberate cutting of power aimed at evacuating individuals allegedly involved in suspicious activities, leading to a confrontation between the girls and the hotel staff.

Amidst the chaos, an employee attempted to record the commotion, prompting the girls to confiscate the device, uncovering nude images on the staff member’s phone, further intensifying the heated situation.

Professor Singh expressed deep concern over the appalling experience faced by the students, calling for better accommodation and safety measures during educational tours to prevent such distressing incidents.

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