AIMPLB urges Muslims to refrain from Ram Temple inauguration celebrations

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The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has issued a statement calling on Muslims to abstain from participating in the forthcoming inauguration festivities of the Ram Temple scheduled for January 22. AIMPLB Chairman Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rehmani voiced apprehensions over the temple’s construction, labeling it as ‘non-secular’ and ‘anti-government.’

Rehmani argued against the temple’s construction, citing the Supreme Court’s acknowledgment that there was no evidence of a temple being demolished to build the Babri Mosque. He asserted that the court’s decision was based on assumptions of a particular sect within the majority community and not supported by holy Hindu texts.

“The construction of the temple was an attack on secularism and the democracy of India,” Rehmani stated, alleging government support that led to the replacement of a mosque, where Muslims worshipped for centuries, with a temple.

Expressing concern over a potential inauguration by the Prime Minister, Rehmani remarked, “Now, if the Prime Minister inaugurates the temple himself, it will be the death of secularism and justice.” He criticized the nationwide promotion of the event for political gains, deeming it as exacerbating the wounds of the minority community.

Addressing the permissibility for Muslims to participate in certain celebrations, Rehmani advised against raising ‘Jai Shri Ram’ slogans and lighting lamps on January 22, considering such actions as acts of ‘non-belief.’ However, he clarified that Muslims respect Shri Ram and other Hindu deities, emphasizing Islam’s teachings to honor prominent figures from all religions.

“If our Hindu brothers want to light lamps in celebration of the construction of the Ram Temple, we have no objection. We respect Shri Ram along with all other Hindu deities as Islam teaches to respect prominent personalities of all religions,” Rehmani stated.

He concluded by highlighting the monotheistic beliefs of Muslims, noting that celebrating other deities contradicts the fundamental belief in the sovereignty of the one God. The AIMPLB’s stance adds a new dimension to the ongoing discourse surrounding the Ram Temple inauguration, raising questions about its impact on communal harmony and secular values in India. 

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