Another sinister plan of Hindutva bigots comes to light

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New Delhi, July 13 (KMS): Days after the ‘auctioning’ of Muslim women online, another sinister plan of Hindutva bigots has come to light. Now they are urging Hindu men to sexually exploit Muslim women by marrying them with the intention of making them public property.

An Instagram Handle Kunal Sharma, who describes himself as ‘Katter Hindu’ (Extremist Hindu), put up an objectionable post on social media, reported South Asian Wire.

“Marry with Muslim girls, use considering them as government property, get pleasure yourself and offer others too, this will be sabka saath sabka vikas (development for all),” said Sharma in his post.

Sabka saath, sabka vikas is an election campaign slogan which Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been using since 2014.

The details of Sharma’s sinister plans came to light after a Twitter handle Adab-e-Hindustan posted them on social media.


Sharma not just posted it on social media but also provided a list of phone numbers, said to that of Muslim girls. The list has 10 phone numbers with the headline ‘A campaign for Cajoling Muslim women’. According to the list, these girls are mostly from Delhi or the NCR areas.

He offers the list to his friends as a ‘gift’. He said he also talks to a Muslim girl whose number he has saved as ‘mulli’.

According to South Asian Wire Sharma shared two phone numbers with some people who contacted him as interested parties.

South Asian Wire tried those numbers. While one number was not working, another one was picked up by a woman who said that she was fed up with the calls coming from the media since morning.

Another screenshot of Sharma’s profile says that he is ‘anti-Muslim’, he has problem with Muslims but he loves Muslim girls.

A photo of Sharma with Shringi Yadav has also surfaced. Yadav is the follower of controversial Hindu priest Narsinganand. He is the one who had beaten up a Muslim boy for entering into Ghaziabad’s Dasna temple to drink water. Yadav was jailed for assaulting the teenager but later granted bail.

In an Instagram post, Yadav also talked about molesting Muslim women at the time of Holi festival.

Meanwhile, a number of people have tagged Ghaziabad Police demanding action against Sharma.

Congress media panelist Pankhuri Pathak asked Ghaziabad Police, Child and Welfare Minister Smariti Irani as well as National Commission for Women whether they are responsible to provide security to these women or not. She said that it is clear that personal numbers are being made public instigating people to commit crimes against these women. “Are you waiting for an incident to happen,” she asked.

Congress’s chairman of minority wing Imran Pratapgarhi also asked the UP Police why it is silent on this.

There were others too who urged police to take action in the matter.

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