Delhi Police rapped by court over probe into death of Faizan during Delhi violence

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A Delhi court on Tuesday rapped the police in connection with the probe into the death of Fazan, who was beaten and forced to sing the national anthem along with with four other Muslim youths by Hindutva goons and cops as well, during the 2020 anti-Muslim violence.

A video clip had gone viral, in which Faizan and four other Muslim youths were seen being assaulted and forced to sing the national anthem.

The court raised its concern over slow probe and discrepancies found in the investigation. It pointed out contradictions between MLC report and post-mortem report.

The court said that while the MLC recorded only three injuries, the same were increased to a number of twenty injuries in the post mortem report.

“This 66-paragraph status report is neither here nor there. It says nothing,” Justice Mukta Gupta remarked on the status report filed by the police in a sealed cover.

“These were five children who were assaulted. One has died. Four are still surviving. Have you got it identified from them? In any case, police will start the investigation from an eyewitness. It is an offence of murder, right? In this case, you will not take the help of the eyewitness but you will investigate all over the world,”  Justice Gupta added.

The court is hearing a petition filed by Faizan’s mother Kismatun.

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