Farmers’ Struggle Challenges Modi Government’s Neo-Fascist Tyranny by Harsh Thakor

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Most heartening that the momentum of democratic resistance continues to flourish at Tikri border in Delhi, to challenge the oppression of the Saffron rulers. In a range of spheres it most relentlessly challenged the nefarious economic policies of the BJP govt. and called on people to leave no stone unturned in toppling them. Every democrat should be truly impressed by the qualitative content of the speeches of all the meetings. Most impressive participation of women and youth. A very solid base has been built for the farmers striking the parliament from January 23rd. to create a truly democratic Kisan parliament. This would be in a 360 degree contrast to the nature of protest of members of parliament

On 19th July Bharatiya Kisan Union Ekta Ugrahan celebrated 42th martyrdom day of Shaheed Prithipal Singh Randhawa at  Delhi Tikri Border  in which a large number of farmers, youth and students participated.

Darbara Singh Chhajla, district leader of Sangrur of the Bharatiya Kisan Union Ekta Ugraha said that the leader of Punjab’s student movement that rose in the seventies, Prithipal Singh Randhawa led the student movement of Punjab for almost a decade. Students were guided to fight for their rightful struggle through their organisational strength that the people’s democratic movement of Punjab is still moving forward. Pirthi’s leadership not only created the student movement but also by her awareness of other working sections to be organised, paying a supportive role to other organisational struggles. Cheaper fees for young students, bus passes, cheap canteens facility, printing books at cheap rates and making students accessible to educational institutions, were issues it raised it’s voice. were fought rather than this of the world PSU under the leadership remained the voice of the people on national and international issues. That is why Prithipal, who pierced like a rod in the eyes of the governments of that time, was martyred by the goons by the Akali government of that time.

In today’s program, Jagsir Singh, the leader of Punjab Students Union Shaheed Randhawa said that the condition of education is still very bad today. A letter released by Punjabi University Patiala, declared a 10 % fee rise of students of constituent colleges, regional centers and Neighbourhood campuses and decided to collect PTA funds from poor and backward SC students which violate post-matric scholarship scheme instructions.

He said that the financial crisis of Punjabi University has taken a different form due to government irregularities, the decisions to increase the fees and funds of the students suggested in the syndicate meeting will not be a permanent solution. Rather it will cause rural area students to be pushed out of higher education. They demanded the Punjab Government issue an immediate grant to resolve the financial crisis of Punjabi University Patiala and continue government assistance to give a permanent solution to the University’s financial crisis.

On 20th July on stage, Women’s organization leader Bachitar Kaur Moga. said that after July, large groups of women will reach the Delhi Morcha and the males will be shoulder to shoulder with the same when to win.

Gurbhej Singh Rohi Ala performed the stage action. Megh Raj Ralla also addressed from today’s stage.

Punjab Bazigar on stage of permanent front of Bharatiya Kisan Union (Ekta Ugrahan) at Delhi’s Tikri Ward for cancellation of anti-agricultural black laws Community Struggle Committee joined the Pandal with a large group in support of Kisan Morcha. The entire team of Bharatiya Kisan Union (Ekta Ugraha) thanked the Bajigar community struggle committee for coming in support of the farmers. Farmer leaders Shingara Singh Mann and Basant Singh Kotha Guru said that with groups of farmers of different phases continuously coming in support of the daily struggle, the courage of farmers involved in the Farmer’s Morcha is getting stronger and by cancelling the anti-people law Farmers will return to their homes. Bajigar community struggle committee’s state president Master Balwinder Singh, Vakil Singh Mashal and Balveer Singh Dhade said that we work daily in the farms of the farmers and bring thorns from the fields of the farmers to feed our animals but If the land goes to large corporate households, it will be difficult for our backward classes to raise their families. That is why we have decided to come together and play an equal part in this farmer’s struggle with optimum use of body, mind and wealth so that our lives can be easier.

Kulwant Singh Sarpanch, Pyaara Lal Mandvi and Harbhajan Singh Lalka District President Bathinda said that these agriculture and anti-people black laws will ruin the life of every section of the f people, making them subservient to contracts. They are leaving their employment but when the land is safe in the hands of the farmers, we make the children to get a little more education, then we will now be forced to fill their stomachs with food for our children because under these laws the grains are stored by store traders then selling at fake higher rates,which will make it out of reach of the common people.

Pravir Kumar Dhuri and Barnala District President Balvir Singh Tajoke said that we have been keeping poor people locked in homes for the past hundreds of years because there was a time when we had pots tied in front of our faces and japas behind our backs. When they were humiliated, to get them out of such slavery, our Rahbar Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Ravidas Bhagat Kabir Ji have done the same. We are living in today’s Fiza because of them but yet the looter rulers ruling us have not stopped discriminating. Today, the farmer’s struggle has also taught us how to live life and how to get the rights. That’s why we’ve come together to prepare ourselves mentally by joining shoulder to shoulder with the farmer’s struggle. In today’s gathering, Babbu Baljot, Baba Nishan Singh, Surjit Singh, Ruldu Ram and hundreds of people of Bazigar community participated.

From the stage, under the leadership of Kuldeep Kaur Kusa, Meena Rathi Haryana, women sisters celebrated the revolutionary struggle to strengthen the land struggle in which many sisters were against the robbery system where women were assaulted and raped in daylight. Incidents like this were exposed, and revolutionary songs were sung against the Modi government by speaking against the anti-people black laws. An exclusive type of program was presented to strengthen the farmer’s struggle.

The organization thanked the Indian Work Association and Warwick England for sending the amount of Rs lakh to the Indian Kisan Union Ekta Ugraha.

On 21st July to scrap the anti-agricultural black laws, Bharatiya Kisan Union (Ekta Ugraha) held the  a conference  at Gadri Gulab Kaur Nagar, state vice president Jaswinder Singh Longowal said that farmers are challenging tyranny of Modi, sitting at Delhi borders for almost eight months, pledging with utmost  grief’s and pains, to revoke the laws. But instead of resolving the pains of the oppressed, this government, it is continuously increasing our suffering. On the first day of the monsoon parliament session on the martyrs at Delhi borders, saying that we do not know about the death of a farmer is like drowning in a slap for this shameless government. This anti-human behaviour questions the government’s responsibility towards the safety of the citizens of the country. He said that when Modi attacked Pulwama by crossing the border of Pakistan he had full knowledge about how many people were killed, but how was he unaware about the farmers and labourers who were martyred in front of him. This makes it clear that the black agriculture law created to increase imperial corporate loot is bound to apply to us at the say of WTO, IMF and World Bank. This is because the Modi government doesn’t care about the farmers and labourers filling the country’s food reserves, it’s only worried about their loyalty to empires. They alleged that the Haryana BJP Khattar government is making enmity with the farmers by filing traitor cases.

Longowal  said that according to the Ulike program of the United Kisan Morcha, a convoy of 200 farmers run from the Singhu Border on July 22, comprising five of the organization would wage a  peaceful demonstration to cancel the anti-agricultural black laws at Jantar Mantra in front of the Parliament. Farmers will join with full strength.

District Ludhiana General Secretary Sudagar Singh Ghudani Kalan said that it was a result of widespread farmer s’ pressure to insist on the demand for the cancellation of anti-agricultural black laws by opposition parties in the monsoon session that started on July 19 Of course, the coming season of Punjab Assembly elections WAS  also in mind.

Harsh Thakor is a freelance journalist.Toured India,particularly Punjab .Written on Mass movements ,,Massline,Maoism on blogs like Democracy and Class Struggle and frontierweekly .An avid cricket lover too who has posted writings on blogs like Pakpassion Indian Cricket Fans and

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